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Post Prodigy

CDS - How does it work, good practice?

Im looking for a simple introduction on how to use CDS.


So far i have built quite many apps.

But using other datasources.


I have only 1 environment where all my applications are located.


So far from reading and testing CDS.

I have understood that i cant really access and control the data.

So if have 20 apps in one enviroment, i wont really be able to "access one app´s data and remove it".

Instead all data is mixed depending on what sections/parts in CDS i am using.

Am I correct?


Is it best practice to create one enviroment for each application? Or category of applications....?



Resolver II
Resolver II

If you want to have separate CDS database's for each app then you will need to create them in seperate environments. One environments has only one CDS database on it.

Super User
Super User

Hi @Oskarkuus,


The general recommendation is to move away from single monolithic applications. The idea is that you can define the structure of your data and business logic once, and build several small focused apps on top of the data which will have consistent business logic enforced at the API layer.

A recommended pattern is to create smaller apps focused around roles, and add only the specific components (e.g forms, views, dashboards) to the app that are specific to that role.

A separate environment is typically recommended if the application has unrelated data requirements, has a different criticality, belongs to different business areas, high complexity, or separating dev/test/prod. Take a look at environment overview for more info.

If this answered your question, feel free to mark this response as an accepted solution and/or thumbs up. 

- Chris



Super User
Super User

Hi @Oskarkuus 

To answer for 1st question, yes all the entities and its data are mixed up in on environment/database, but this is fine. Segregation and access to the data is defined with the apps and the security model design on your environment. There are many pros/cons of having one CDS environment or many different CDS environments. To supplement on the previous posts, below are some key documents I suggest to go through. Apologies for the links, but everything is detailed well in these:

  1. Ensure you security model is design right. Here's a nice overview of CDS security: 
  2. Establishing an environment strategy:
  3. Power Platform Guidance:
  4. Admin and governance:
  5. ALM: 

Hope this helps

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