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CDS Version / Upgrade

How can I know which version of CDS I am on?  If its an older version, is it possible to upgrade to the latest version?


I need to be able to connect my CDS data to Power BI for reporting.  When I follow the instructions from this guide -


I am not able to get to the Advanced Customizations for my environment, it says - 


Advanced customizations

This environment doesn't support advanced customizations. To use advanced customization tools, switch to a different environment.
Why would I get this message?
Kudo Kingpin
Kudo Kingpin

Hi @cjbrooks, let us refer to CDS as CDS 1.0 and CDS 2.0.

CDS 1.0 is the one came with PowerApps back in 2016. In 2018, CDS 2.0 has been introduced, became available after mid April. 


CDS 2.0 can become available for users those create new Production environments while they have paid P2 plan. previous environments are not upgraded yet hence they will not offer CDS 2.0. It is said will be upgraded but it will take long time and is not recommended neither to wait or consider that upgrade. It is required to create and use new environments. 


New environments have Dynamics 365 admin center where in versioning is clear.



Power Apps
Power Apps

Hi @cjbrooks - our team is working on rolling out the ability to upgrade your environment - its expected to roll out in the coming weeks. In the meantime, the only way to get access to the the new features is to create a new environment.


@CWesener any update on this? It appears upgrades are still not possible.


Hi @timgagne1 No sorry, no changes in the last 3 hours - this is planned to be rolling out in the coming weeks.


HHAHAHAH @CWesener Sorry about that! I was looking at the "Registered Date" for the user and mistook it for the post date and thought the thread/post was stale. Never imagined something I was searching for happened to be so fresh. Definitely was not trying to be a jerk!



Hi Everyone,


Is there any update on when we can upgrade CDS environments?  When I try to create a business process flow I get an error asking me to upgrade my CDS instance.  In addition, I have a support ticket open due to an issue not seeing flows in Dynamics - I'm thinking this might be related.


Any update on this?  How can I upgrade my instance?




Hello @CWesener,


My organization tragically created its default PowerApps Environment right before CDS v2.0 was released.  We need to be able to add attachment fields to entities and integrate with Dynamics.  Is there an update on when tenants using CDS v1.0 will be able to upgrade their environments?  We don't really want to purchase another PowerApps P2 license just to be able to do this.

We have been working on the CDS 1.0 to CDS 2.0 (Common Data Service for Apps) upgrade for some time now and getting close to enabling it. I hope to be able to announce availability this month.







What will the communication look like when it is ready?  Could someone also create a post in this thread to notify everyone involved already in this discussion?

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