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CDS premium flow


In the Dataverse world I created a Power Apps and a few CDS tables. If I understand the concept correctly, the limited CDS functionality is not a premium feature inside the dataverse environment, hence in the App I can add the CDS connector and use the tables without problem e.g. as a Gallery input. If I publish the app to a Teams channel it works like a charm.

If I create a Flow in the same environment from the App, and this Flow is using the CDS connector as well to execute a simple List Records action, the published app becomes premium, and throws the "This app uses features that come with a Power Apps premium plan. Start a trial to use these features" message. From the Build (develop) menu I can still edit and run (Preview) the App, but can't open the published one. If I remove the Flow from the App then I can open the published version without any issue.


I'm sure the CDS tables, Power App and Flow are in the same environment and the Flow's details tab shows the "Common Data Service (current environment)" message under the Connection References section.


My question is, why I can't use the CDS connector from the Flow without premium plan?



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @dkalmar :

Could you tell me what licenses you have?

Common Data Service (current environment) connector is a premium connector, whether you can use it depends on the license you have.


I suggest you download the licensing guide to check if you have the relevant permissions.

If you have a powerapps license (Per App, Per User), then I suggest you to check whether this flow is within app context:

Flow (definition of flow within app context): For both triggers and actions, flows included within an embedding application can connect
• To any data source within the use rights of the embedding application
• Directly with the embedding application (via built in trigger/action)

Finally, you can also consider the trial plan.

Best Regards,




Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @dkalmar ,


Are you using Dataverse for Teams (i.e. creating your app and table within Teams) or a standard Dataverse environment where you create your app and table at   If you are using standard Dataverse then this is a premium service and you need a Power Apps license - this is not covered by a Office 365 license.  Not all of the licensing is technically enforced so in some instances you are able to do things that you are not licensed for.


What licenses do you currently have?

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sorry for the late reply, we have Office 365 E1 license, we don't have specific Powerapps Per App, Per User license and the environment is a Teams environment, everything was created from the Teams.

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Multi Super User

At the time of writing (cause things change month to month)

Your Office 365 E1 would only licence you for Standard Connectors (as already pointed out in a previous post CDS is premium) as per the Power Apps Licencing Guide.  

List of what is standard/premium can be found at the following Filter on standard Connectors 

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @dkalmar 


If you are creating apps and flows from a Dataverse for Team's environment then you should be able to use Power Automate to connect to the Dataverse data within the Team.


From the Microsoft docs....


Support for both standard connectors and the ability to use the Dataverse connector to connect to a Dataverse for Teams for a Teams environment is included.

What I think might be happening is that you are not creating your flow from within the Power Apps app within Microsoft Teams.  If you follow the instructions here to create a flow within Teams then you don't get the Premium tag showing against the CDS (current environment) connector.  If you are creating flows through the portal then the Premium tag seems to show.


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