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Helper III
Helper III

Can modifying a table break a flow?



I have a table named msdyn_workorders". Yesterday I added a new column called "SSID" and then used the forms button to edit a form, adding the new field on the form. Today I have been unable to have a flow that approves work orders run, it says:


//The caller object id is 'b9e1e28d-9968-4349-87a0-aebdcf4c24e6'. Connection '/providers/Microsoft.PowerApps/apis/shared_pdf-5f05fa7845000b881e-5fee2b942c3a7ab724/connections/7f86656c-d560-4658-a49d-1bc6-f68a3de5' to 'shared_pdf-5f05fa7845000b881e-5fee2b942c3a7ab724' cannot be used to activate this flow, either because this is not a valid connection or because it is not a connection you have access permission for. Either replace the connection with a valid connection you can access or have the connection owner activate the flow, so the connection is shared with you in the context of this flow.//


The flow cannot be edited either, when you try to edit it, it just seems like the editing page will load, but never does. So I thought maybe I should just recreate the flow. I went to power automate and selected "create" then "instant cloud flow" then "powerapps" as the trigger(same as the current one) and the flow creation page opened up. I then looked at a run of the old flow and saw the next step was to "Get row by ID", which I did, then the next step was to select a table, but when I type "msyn_workorders" which the old flow has as the field for the table, I don't see it in the new flow.


Now, this flow is failing in a step way past this one, so I'm not sure if it's even related, but I should be able to see the table, no? My question is, with that small change that I did yesterday in the work order table and then the form, could I have broken something? Should I undo it? I really don't get how this works. When I go to dataverse and then tables, the msdyn_workorders table is there amongst all the other ones, so I don't get it.








EDIT: Nevermind, I can just type the table name in and press "enter" and it'll fill in fine. So I guess that's not the problem then, it's not missing or whatever. Can adding that new "SSID" column and modifying the workorder form with a new field still have caused the overall issue I'm facing though?


Super User
Super User

Hi @zerou 


Can you please check your security role, if you are having proper permission to the security role then you will have access to the respective table.

Hi. I have the proper permissions, it *seems* to be working now though. Thank you.

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