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Can not see Gateway in the drop down list while creating a Dataflow in Power Apps


I had a working on premise Gateway working for last 4 weeks. Today, I suddenly after changing my windows password my incremental refresh failed !! I tried to edit the Dataflow but it was not showing Gateway. Logged out multiple times and restarted the computer to synchronize passwords , just incase . I managed to change the password by going to Data>Connections and then by editing the existing connections. So the existing Dataflow is working now. But the problems is I can not create any new Dataflows as no Gateway pops up in the drop down , Just spins and nothing happens.  If I go to Data>Gateways I can not see anything in the list of Gateways. But If I check from the Admin center then under the Data(Preview) > On premise Data Gateways , I can see my used gateway in the currently working Dataflow. 

So, in short my existing Dataflows are working fine but I can not create new one. 

Any suggestions ?

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I am getting the exact same problem - I noticed it happening yesterday. I am set up as an admin on the data gateway and can access the data gateway via Power BI. Existing data flows work fine.


I believe this could be down to licencing - I had a colleague check and he could access the drop down box fine. The only difference between his licencing and mine was he had a "Power Apps per user plan" whereas I had "Microsoft Power Apps Plan 2 Trial". He has transferred his licence to me, which means he now encounters this problem. It hasn't yet fixed it for me, as this was only done a few hours ago and as I understand it licencing can take up to 24 hours to apply. 


I'll check back and let you know if that fixes the problem for me.

HI @RickMcFish ,

In my case I was able to see the Gateway and all was working fine. But trouble started when I had to change my password for workstation. For some reason , Gateway thing did not go well. It could be just co-incident too !

But we are just two people using this Gateway and no licensing was changed.  I was given Use & Share permission on this Gateway.  Still that day the existing Dataflow worked fine but if I went to Edit the Dataflow , I was getting error in query editor. After manually editing the connections and changing the password for that Gateway Connection the existing Dataflow started working. But I could not create new Dataflow as I could not see the Gateway. 


My Gateway Admin has changed my permission to Admin now and right away it showed up.  So , may be it was something related to permission side. Might be changing to different type of permission kicked it and it showed up. It is worth trying changing to another type of permission e.g. Admin and if that works then lowering the permission type.

Hope that helps.



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@Kumar_V I think that fixed the problem!


I did the following to get it working again:

  1. Got another admin to amend the gateway details to remove my user details from the administrator panel and any "users" panel of data sources.
  2. Re-added me just as a user of the required data source - the data gateways now show up
  3. Re-added me to the administrators bit again - tested and still works

I don't know if step #2 was entirely necessary, but it's what I did and it now works as it's supposed to. Does appear to be some permission issue, but not sure quite what as nothing has changed configuration wise when last it worked for me (last week).

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