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Advocate II
Advocate II

Can't remove and unmanaged (Active) layer on calculated field.

One of my clients has a pile of calculated fields in their production environment with Active (unmanaged) layers at the top.  The Remove Active Layer button does not remove it.


Is there another way to peel this mod off?


Thanks for any suggestions.

Super User
Super User

Hi @daxjkent,

You can re-deploy the managed solution and select the option "Overwrite unmanaged customizations" option. More info: 

Hope this helps!

Super User
Super User

Hi @daxjkent,


Could you be trying to remove a calculated field that is dependent on another calculated field in the default solution?  You would not be able to remove this without removing the one at the top level first.  



Screen Shot 2021-05-05 at 8.18.44 PM.png

Not sure if this is it, but hopefully it does it.


Hope this helps.  Please accept if answers your question or Like if helps in some way.



Hope this helps. Please accept if answers your question or Like if helps in any way.

Thanks Eric, we did give this a try but no luck.  The Active layer is still sitting on top.  Thanks for the suggestion.

Are you sure that these calculated fields are part of that managed solution? They might have been done outside which would explain... If so, I would submit a Microsoft support ticket at: so they can investigate with there telemetry...

Hi @daxjkent 

I am facing a similar issue. Did you managed to solve it yourself of did you contact Microsoft Support for a resolution? I would be happy to learn how you fixed this issue. 


Kind regards

Sven V. 

Advocate II
Advocate II

We put in a support ticket and got a big run around with a pile of wasted time and no solution.  Nothing they suggested worked so so now we just manage the field in both environments.


I did some testing and if you follow these steps you may have success.

Remove the unmanaged layer in your managed solution. (It will still appear to be there even after removal)

Update the field in your development environment, publish and export managed.

Import into your production environment.


Using this method should update the calculation, even though it appears to not be updated.  Please test and hopefully that works.  If not, you will have to resort to manually managing in production environments.


Good luck.

Hi @daxjkent 

Thanks for your prompt reply. I already did the steps you mentioned but no success. I guess we will also end up managing the field in manually in each of the environments. 

Have a great weekend!

Kind regards

Sven V. 

@daxjkent I'm sorry, there was another reason why the value wasn't calculated. I was too fast with my conclusions.


So as you said

  • clicking the "Remove Active Customizations" didn't work
  • However, when I deployed the full Managed Solution to again (in the classic layout and check "Overwrite customizations" it did correct the calculated field. Even tough it still shows up with an Active Unmanaged layer. 
  • Note: when I was trying to re-deploy the calculated field with a Patch, it didn't work. So make sure you are doing it with a full solution. 

Kind regards

Sven V. 

New Member



I have a similar issue here.

- When redeploying a full solution with changed field calculations, the new calculations are shown in the designer.

- the calculation of these fields still use the old formula

- when changing the formula with '+0' , saving, removing the '+0' again I get an unmanged change, but the formula works.

This would be no solution to have simple deployment when such manual steps have to be done on the test environment and later on again on the production environment. The whole testing process gets worthless.


Do you know a simple "deploy and go" solution for changing calculated fields?


Kind regards


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