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Advocate II
Advocate II

Cannot get a New Item form to successfully Submit - Error message unhelpful


I'm testing an app form created with the new Common Data Service for Apps.
The form is working on a custom entitiy with 12 columns and a single lookup.
The form works fine when editing existing items, but errors out on any attempt to create a new item.

I have triple-checked that the values going in are the right data types with the right formatting but I keep getting a really vague error back:


The requested operation is invalid.
Server Response: A value must be provided for item.

Based on other user's issues I've googled,  this error should show a column name as well, but my error does not.

I attempted to diagnose further by using the Errors function on the datasource and displaying it to a table.
It only displays one error with the following values:

  • Column:  (Blank)
  • Error Kind:  8 (Correlated to the Error Kind "ConstraintViolated")
  • Message: The Requested Operation is Invalid
  • Record: (Blank)

This error message does not tell me which constraint was violated, nor which column it is referring to.
I have attached a screenshot of my error screen if it's of any use.


Any ideas on how to get this to successfully add a new item when I do SubmitForm?

Info on my app & Settings:

Data Source: Common Data Service for Apps

Enabled Preview Features:

  • Delayed Load
  • Explicit Column Selection
  • Improved App Rendering

Enabled Experimental Features:

  • Formula-Level Error Management
  • Control Property Optimization
  • Use Column Display Names (I attempted this also with this turned off with the same errors)
  • Use Longer Data Cache Timeout and Background Refresh
  • Try the Enhanced Group Control
  • Use GUID data types instead of strings
  • Use the Common Data Service Experimental Connector (Needed for file attachments)




Super User
Super User

Hi @AccuFloDev,

As a test, can you remove the Lookup and see if it works? 

Hey @Drrickryp,


This was one of my first thoughts as well. I attempted this no luck.
I currently have an active support case open with MS regarding this issue, as they cannot determine the issue either.


I'll update this ticket once I have this figured out more.

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