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Cannot reference columns in Table B from Table A after forming relationship



I'm in dire need of help. I have been struggling with this for weeks now. I'm trying to form the equivalent of a SQL join and I am not able to reference columns from the other table. I can see the columns when I use the lookup (the predictive text), but there is no data. It appears to be joining off the incorrect column, but there is no way to specify the columns when creating the lookup.


My desired result is to be able to do something like LookUpColumn.ColumnFromOtherTable. I've read things about needing to do something with the GUID but do not fully understand it.


Any help will be incredibly appreciated. I am using a canvas app by the way

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Dual Super User


Have you tried using the lookup function, so you can lookup the row from the lookup table then you will be able to reference the row fields.


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Thanks for the response Mira. I’m trying to avoid this if possible. I really prefer to use my tables in a true relational way since I want to have a scalable application with minimal overhead.


I have tried a sample on my side , so in my case I have account and a Primary contact field which is a lookup field on the Account and this is the way to get information from Primary contact, you can't reference directly as you are referring to or at least as per my knowledge.



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I'm really trying to avoid using the lookup function to reduce overhead and take advantage of my table structure

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Hello, @alandilworth, are you using a Gallery in your powerapps? Also, would you share a screenshot of your screen design?



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