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Category and subcategory of dataverse table

I'm working on project tracking canvas app based on Dataverse. I spent quite a lot of time figuring out how to design the table. What I would like to have is when user enter a project, when a category is selected, subcategory shows only subcategories related to selected category, again when subcategory is selected the next subcategory (level 3) to show only subcategories related to previously selected subcategory (level 2).


I'm not sure if this is the right approach but this what I tried. I have main table, let us call it Project with many columns including Category column which is a lookup column to another table CatList. In the CatList table I have three columns Level 1 Level 2 Level 3.  In the canvas app, form and view of Project table I can see Category field with option of level 1. But how can I get level 2 and level 3?  If I create level 2 and 3 fields in Project table how can I get those values in canvas app form. Thank you very much for any suggestions




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Hi @golodias,


This is not an uncommon scenario. You're on the right track. I would define a table structure something like this:

  • Table for Category (level 1)
  • Table for Sub-category (level 2). Add a Lookup column to Category.
  • Table for next Sub-category (level 3). Add a Lookup column to Sub-category (level 2).
  • On your Project table, add Lookup columns for category and the sub categories. 

Then create all your records for the categories/sub-categories, setting the appropriate lookups for sub categories.


In your Canvas app, you can then add drop downs or Lookup controls and use the Filter function which would look something like:


Filter(Sub-category, category = category dropdown.SelectedItem)


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Hi thanks, actually Depends on form control does the job! I just created a single table of category and subcategories and linked to the main project table. I can access each column of the category table (level 1, level 2 etc). Using 'Depends on' fields I just put Filter(CategoriesTable, Code = Dropdown3.Selected.Code) in the Items of the current datacard. 



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Actually I run into another issues, submit form shows 'Value must be a data entry record' error. It seems lookup column expect Choices in the combobox 

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