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Combo box with PowerApps in Teams

Hi all, 


I'm building an app on the new PowerApps in Teams. I'm new to using CDS as a data source. I have a combobox (it seems dropdowns don't exist in this version) and I am trying to set the Display Field but there is no property to do so. I can delete all of the other fields so it shows only one but ideally I would like to concat the first name and last name. Can anyone help with this? 

Also, why do I have two choices for the items? 


Edit: It's not the usual combo box but a "Microsoft Core Control Combo box" and some parts work like a form. 



Community Support
Community Support



Please, check this document, you can see some examples about how to do that you need.


I hope it helps you.



Hi Javier @FCGALLEG ,

Thanks for your reply. I am familiar with the concat function, but unsure where to put it because the Display Field property doesn't exist  on the combo box in the new PowerApps for Teams. Do you know which property I should use?



Lots of function not available in power apps for teams 


Super User
Super User

Hi @HFG,

Do you resolve this finally? By Power Apps for Teams do you mean an embedded canvas apps in Teams or Dataverse for Teams

To answer your previous questions:

  1. Dropdowns do exist in CDS/Dataverse, there are 2 types: Choice or Lookups:
  2. To concat first and last name, you can do this out-of-the-box with calculated fields. Create a new Single Line of Text fields of type calculate and set the formula to: CONCAT(firstNameColumnName, lastNameColumnName)

Hope this helps!

Hi @EricRegnier , 


Thanks for your reply. I was meaning Dataverse for Teams. 

Regarding doing the concat in a calculated field, Microsoft recently confirmed to me that calculated fields are not yet available in DV4T 😞 and since the DisplayField property doesn't exist for combo boxes, I can't do it in the app itself.

I have seen that you can turn on classic controls to have dropdowns, but I assume there is a reason MS are not including this as a control in this new product. 




That’s right, calculated fields are not yet avail for Teams. Hope they will soon.

What do you mean by DisplayField?


You can calculate the display name then directly in your Canvas App if that’s would you’re using.

In "normal" PowerApps, you have a property called DisplayField on the combobox, which only exists as a dropdown on the right hand panel in DV4T so there is no possibility to put a formula. Maybe I'm misremembering, but I thought that you used to be able to do a concatenate on this property to show two columns eg. First & Last Name. Now the only way I see to do this is to use a double layout on the combo box or, I guess creating a collection and adding a column to be used in the combo box, is that what you're suggesting when you say to calculate directly in the app? 


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I give up with DV4T, I go back to classic and built using Sharepoint list.


@AndrewWoo8k would be curious to know why. SharePoint has its own limitations like number of records in a list, can't have relational models, releases to other environment is a big challenge, etc...

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