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Company's users as a lookup in dataverse


I want to have a model driven app that is able have a field in a table (within dataverse) that looks up the companies users.  To be clear I dont just want the users that have been given a security role to the specific organisation.  In my case I have 100,000+ users and all I want to do is select them as lookup.  They are not going to be a user of my app and hence no licence need.


The user list can likely come from AzureAD as we sync with on prem AD or 365 users for my company.


Is there a way to do this?


Many thanks

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Responsive Resident

I guess if you create look up field in your table which points to user and then filter use look up field based on your requirement this should work...


refer following thread for this...


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If you want all AD users (not just the ones with Dataverse Licenses) you will need to import that data somehow. The best way to accomplish this is through a Dataflow pulling from the Graph API. Specifically, you will want the ListUsers endpoint.


Learn more about Graph API here.

Learn more about Dataflows here.

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Hi @cc, sounds like it should work but found that MS dont recommend it in this article.


Unless I have missed something, finding it hard to find the right category for pulling in the data.  Is there a known supported step by step method?

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Thanks @MayankP but this is not what I need.  Its not about the lookup- its about getting the data from Azure AD into the dataverse.  Thanks anyway.

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Hi @RMW,
Suggest and best practice to leverage the out-of-the-box (OOB) User table. See tip #5 

For new users in your organization
The high-level idea is to assign a temp license to the user, wait until it syncs into Dataverse and then unassigned the license. Point that lockup field to the User table. Those users will be automatically be created in Dataverse and then be set as inactive once the license is unassigned. You can automatically assign the license when new users get created in O365 and unassigned once they got created in Dataverse with the help Power Automate flows and 
group base licensing.

For existing/old users
Easiest way I find is to import them with Excel/CSV and use the import tool: 


Hope this helps!

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