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Create new custom Entity from JSON File



I need to create new custom entity in PowerApps through Json file. I am using MS Common data model Schema definition file as an input file. I am not able to create entity based on the CDM Json file (attached). 


It is considering the Json file in Row/Column format and generating different power query. I have to drill down upto attribute (only one attribute gets selected). 


Could you please help me in Json file folder through which I can create custom Entity? 


I have CDM in Json file format (attached). 







so you are trying to use the cdm json and create fields in the cds? it doesn't work that way.

CDS is Microsoft's implementation of the Common Data model. The CDM in github is a reference designed to allow others to apply the CDM to their custom databases, not designed to extend the cds.

If you want to make custom entities in CDS, use the standard approaches to add fields and entities in make.powerapps, or you can do it programmatically like this

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Thanks for the information. I have follow up question. Can you please share me sample Json file to import data to existing custom entity ? 


For Eg. My custom entity is CustomerV3


Fields are : Cust_ID, Customer_Name, Customer Add, Onboarding_Date, Email, TaxID

If you wish to import data to cds entity from Json, you can use a dataflow with the Json connector

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