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Creating Dataflows from PowerApps is painfully slow

Am I doing something wrong?
I need to load some data weekly from a CSV uploaded to a OneDrive shared folder. But I've been having lots of troubles using Dataflows. 

Whenever I load the Dataflows tab within PowerApps it takes1-2 mins to load my Dataflows. (My internet speed is 50mb/s stable)


After I create a Dataflow it takes several minutes (5-20min) just to load the datasource (Csv with 14 columns and 20 rows)


And after I make some very trivial Transforms (Select 2 columns, and delete duplicates) the Dataflow takes about 20 min to run and fail. Claiming it no longer has credentials when inside the PowerQuery editor it does load the table. 





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I am with you.

Not sure what is the good productive thing if dataflow (which is processed at server side) has long time response to even small size datasource.




Once you have the app set up, dataflows should not be used frequently to refresh data.

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I'm having the same issue.  Taking minutes, if ever, just to see a list of the dataflows.  I've waited as long as 15 minutes to get a very small list of 7-8 items.  I just copied an existing dataflow and due to the performance - or extreme lack thereof - started searching to see if others were experiencing similar performance issues. I found this thread, completed my profile and I'm about to post this while I wait for a copy of a very very basic dataflow.  (About to posts and I'm now 20+ mins since copying and still don't see the updated list.)


I'm just starting a migration from another "low code" environment to Power Apps. I was really wanting to take advantage of some of the Dataverse features.  We've put the project on hold because if the performance of Dataflows are an indication to the rest of Power Apps, we're better off where we are.


Very disappointed and shocked,

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I find this comes in waves. It could be really fast to load, or it just never does. 

The most frustrating part is when I've finished modeling and am ready to publish, only some queries will load so I can map the tables and actually publish. I've been working a week on one project, if only because I've had to wait for this screen or the mapping screen to load. Monday-Tuesday, loading happens quickly. Wednesday-Friday, good luck getting any work done... 


Following, since it's impossible to find any other threads or documentation on this subject. I had to screenshot the unloaded dataflow page and reverse google image search, just to find this thread. 

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