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Helper I

Customer Voice Email Template Image visibility and sizing issue

I'm not sure I am in the correct section.  Could not find Customer Voice section.

I am sending a period survey using a Customer Voice email template and sending to a Contact view in Dynamics CRM.  I have the image located in the signature section of the email.  It is a PNG image.  I have it sized pretty small (width 50 height 27) which is in proportion to the nearby text.  However, when the email is sent the image is huge (much larger than surrounding text.


Template, image in purpleRecipient EmailImage Setting


Have tried multiple adjustments to size.  Nothing seems to change.  Hope there is a simple solution (beside not using an image)

Merlin Siefken


PS:  I changed one of my test email addresses to a gmail address and the image came through in the correct position and the right size.  Outlook isn't accepting the image settings.




I may not be the best person to answer this thread as I'm not that familiar with Customer Voice email templates, but we'll give it a try.  As you had mentioned, it looks like there might be something going on with the way that Outlook handles the images.  


Have you tried on the latest version of Outlook?


If that is the case, and this is working properly outside of Outlook, you may want to consider opening a case with Microsoft so that this issue can be investigated further.



Resolver II
Resolver II

Have you tried using a smaller image instead of sizing the image with properties. Some browsers may not read html correctly.

 I am using the latest version of Outlook and Google gmail.  I had to change the way images are handled in my Outlook app.  My concern is, what is the recipient going to see.  Even after changing image management options the image does not display when I first open the email.



Tried deleting and pasting different image.  Behavior is the same.  


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