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Advocate II

Data Source Environment Variables not working for combo boxes based on SharePoint

I have migrated a solution between environments.  The solution includes an app whose data is based on a SharePoint library.  There are some combo boxes in a form which were automatically created from the choice fields in the SharePoint datasource.

When I import the solution I update the datasource EV to the correct SharePoint site.  This works correctly in the app apart from on the combo boxes.  I need to delete and re-connecting the datasource and that fixes it.  A refresh doesn't work, and re-connecting the data source using the EV works.

A bit of a nuisance because I obviously don't want to touch the app in the destination environment.

Anyone else experienced this and knows a fix?





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Advocate II
Advocate II

This issue seems to have been resolved on my tenancy.


Also there was an issue with "Allow searching" in combo box. If the option was ON, when the solution was imported to a new environment the "Allow searching" option was OFF in the imported canvas app.  From my tests this issue has been resolved as well.  Definitely few steps in the right direction for ALM. Well done Microsoft!!!

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Resolver I
Resolver I

I confirm, I see same behaviour. 


In my case i had removed app from one tenant to another with datasoruce environment variables. However, once soluton improted to destination, my power app was still referring source varaible values and datasource did not change. 

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I have the same issue. 

When using a managed solution, I unfortunately cannot customize the app.

And even in an unmanaged solution, I don't want to take any manual steps when deploying to the target environment.

I think environment variables have a lot of potential once all the bugs are fixed.

Is there any news about the bug?

Kudo Collector
Kudo Collector

Yes, same issue here - environment variable sharepoint datasources in apps don't update with changes to the environment variable. Would be nice if Microsoft would keep things that don't work out of the platform until they were ready to go.

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Yes, same issue for me. The Environment variable basically is useless for my PowerApp with a SharePoint form. I cannot make the updated value of the environment variable work.


Is there any news about this bug?

Kudo Collector
Kudo Collector

I have a ticket open on the item. It is a known bug. It was suggested (not promised) that update at the end of September may include the fix for this.

Super User
Super User

@dave-jorgensen@Anja1@lorettalee @mattbell Have you guys seen the recent announcements for Connection Reference enhancements and the ability to set in pipelines/PowerShell? This might help: 

I don't see that helping as that is for setting the connection reference. The issue isn't the value in the connection reference, it's the value in the PowerApp, and that if you set it to a connection reference, it doesn't use the connection reference value in your target environment. IE if you change the environment reference in your target environment, PowerApps still uses the value set when you exported the solution.

Mine are managed solutions but I can amend the app by going into the apps section of powerapps.  The app is part of the managed solution but I don't attempt to amend it from within the solution.

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Hi mattbell. The fact that you need to edit the app is the bug. You should only have to change the environment variable current value.

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