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Advocate II
Advocate II

Dataflow to a table - how to set a User Lookup field

I am importing a 'Jobs' table from another system (Business Central), where the Jobs have user-related fields such as salesperson, project manager, and responsible person. In Dataverse, the custom 'Jobs' table has these fields as lookups into the systemuser table (Users table).


By default, the only 'key' field on the Users table is the AAD Object ID. I don't have direct access to that. The user's email would work great. The systemuser columns that have this all have issues of length or uniqueness to be used as a key:

UserName (AAD userPrincipalName): 1000 characters - too long for a dataverse Key field

Domain and internalemailaddress - unfortunately, Dataverse inserts two 'users' that have these blank, so no good as a key:  



I tried querying the systemuser table itself, intending to join to it in order to get the AAD ObjectID. But it takes 30 minutes or more to come up in the Dataflow designer with only a few hundred users in the database. This is every time I try to edit the data flows. I've got multiple dataflows...and a lot of features to add.

Given the Dataflow designer performance is a show-stopperit seems like I am stuck dumping all AAD users into an Excel file somewhere - with their email and objectid. Then I could import that and join to it. We'd have to regularly update the Excel file...

Any better ideas?


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