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Dataverse Views where related table does NOT contain data

I would like to create a Dataverse (for Teams) View where related records do NOT exist in the related table.


So this could be a 1-Project-to-Many-Deliverables relationship where there are no related deliverables for some Projects, how to show those Projects?   I don't see a way to do this within the View designer itself, since while "Contains data" is a dropdown that is the only option....


And it would seem that trying to use NOT (!) IN within the app's PowerFx formula would make the inverse View non-delegable, am I missing something?



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@DerekShalShan ,

Through UI for public view there is only option available as contains data. But you can create personal view via advanced find in that you will get option for does not contain. That private/personal view can be shared with others in your organization but we can't add it inside solution as a component for deployment.


There is one more option you can try that requires export (only the entities view which requires changes)->change in customization.xml->import back to the environment.


Below link for your reference. You can generate fetchxml for related data that not contains data and amend those changes in solution customization.xml file.


If it answers your question, Kindly give kudo and accept it as solution.




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Hello @DerekShalShan,


As per OOB Behavior Related Filter is not possible in VIEW Level.




1. Navigate to

2. Click Gear Icon at the top

3. Click Advance Settings

4. Click Filter Symbol(ADVANCE FIND) at the top of the Banner

5. Select Lookup as Table

6. Create your Condition

7. Click Save As then provide name to the View.


That's it 🙂


Now you can able to see the view in your Views(My Views).


In Future if you want to share the Views then Go the Advance Find again Click SAVED VIEWS, Select the Views then Click SHARE and Share the Views to all the Users/Teams.


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I'm still trying to make progress here.


CSG Pro in this video shows view technique to create a filtered view for "orphan children" (no parent record):


...But I'm still looking for efficient way to filter for "childless parents" and wondering if there will eventually be a "Does not contain data" option that would do the trick.

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