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Advocate III
Advocate III

Dataverse for Teams Environment Regions

I have an on premise gateway that resides in the UK I want to able to use it my Dataverse for Teams envirnoment. For gateways to work across envirnoments they need to be in the same region. However whenever I create a Dataverse for Teams envirnoment it always puts it in Europe. How can I change it so that by default it creates Dataverse for Teams envirnoments in the UK?


I have noticed that the default envirnoment for full blown envirnoment creation is in Europe is this why the Dataverse for Teams envirnoment are in Europe if so how do I change it? Also worth noting my Teams is setup to work in the UK

Super User
Super User

Hi @DisappointmentB,

That's a really good question. I checked and it doesn't seem to be documented here: 

I would suspect thought it is provision in the same region as Microsoft Teams and not the Default environment. Possible to check with your admins where your MS Teams is located? From what I seen once a DV4T is installed the region can't be changed.

But I would submit a Microsoft Support Ticket at: who might help to get that info and switch region for you.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Eric! I could not find any infromation also. I will check where the MS Teams is located. I will report back what I fine

Hey, any news on that? I do not find an official answer to that, the default environment to any Dataverse for Team environment relies on Teams region or Azure Tenant?

@NHelgren any ideas?

Power Apps
Power Apps

@EricRegnier @DisappointmentB I am not 100% sure how Teams handles it's server selection, but I will reach out to a few folks. 

@NHelgren not sure if you had the chance to look into it? 🙂 

Still following up, I will see if I can get more info soon.

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