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Delegation warning for CDS LookUp using = on GUID

Per , using a LookUp with equal comparison should support delegation for GUID columns.  However, I am only able to make this work without delegation warning using a Dynamics 365 data source.  How do I eliminate the delegation warning when using the CDS connector?


My LookUp function is on the Item property of my Display Form.

    LookUp(Accounts, accountid = GUID("my-guid-value"))

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @monty-psc ,

Please check whether you open "Relational data, option sets, and other new features for CDS"

If not, Guid can't be used.

You could open it here:(App settings > Advanced settings.)64_LI.jpg

As the problem about delegation, try to use delegatable functions.

Here's a doc about delegatable funtcions in CDS:



Best regards,

Community Support Team _ Phoebe Liu



Community Support Team _ Phoebe Liu
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My app does have "Relational data, option sets, and other new features for CDS" enabled. 


To recreate the issue,

  1. create a new Canvas App. 
  2. Add a Display Form with the Accounts Entity (as a data source) from the Common Data Service. 
  3. Set the Item property of the Display Form to the following expression;

LookUp(Accounts, Account = GUID("valid-account-guid-from-environment"))

    4. Notice the Delegation warning.

Hi @monty-psc ,

I notice that the GUID function is no-delegable funtion in CDS.

I suggest you use delegable functions to avoid the delegation warnming

Here's a doc about delegable funtions in CDS for your reference:



Best regards,

Community Support Team _ Phoebe Liu

Community Support Team _ Phoebe Liu
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

Since the GUID function does not support delegation, I used Set to create a global variable in the OnStart handler for the App.


Set(accountGuid, GUID("my-valid-guid"))


Then changed my Item property for the Display Form to;

  LookUp(Accounts_1, Account = accountGuid)

Accounts_1 is the CDS connection to Accounts.


I still receive the delegation warning.  If I use the Dynamics connection to Accounts, the delegation warning disappears and the app works as expected.


Am I doing something wrong?  The GUID type should support delegation per your referenced article @

I am having the same issue with a delegation error when LookUp a guid on a guid field, contrary to the table with delegation support table for variables and functions reference above. Your question is very simple so I am disappointed an answer was not possible.

I'm in the process of converting an App using the D365 connector to the CDS connector (as a banner now appears on apps using D365 advising conversion to CDS) and I hit the same problems. Could not find any delegable way of doing a filter / look-up based on the GUID 'primary key'.

Fortunately there were other fields (with text data type) that *should* be unique so I was able to filter on those instead (which is delegable).

I notice that you can make an auto-number field, so maybe that could be a work-around as well (make the field and then use that for your filters).

Given that CDS uses GUIDs for all its keys it does seem crazy that there is no way to peform a delegable filter on them.

Lots of other problems with the CDS connector as well - it is generally buggy, working with option sets is very painful and I can't find any way to patch a record with an 'entity type' field (even though the documentation claims that you can) - I'm having to use a hidden edit form in the background as a workaround.

I noticed that if I wrap the data source using the disambig function, the delegation warning goes away.

Lookup([@‘My CDS Entity’], ‘My CDS Entity’.’My CDS Entity’ = varGUID)

I haven’t tried using the GUID() function in the expression... I usually set the record ID as a variable separately.

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