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Dependent Choice list in Dataverse (Common Data Service )

Hello Everyone,


Is there an option in cds to make a dependent dropdown list? For example, if we select country and the second combo box should only show the states of the selected country (narrow down). I could not get the solution anywhere in the internet. So expert please advice!


Thanks in Advance,


Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Hi @Anonymous ,

You can't do with Choice but you can do it with lookUps using Pre-Filtering and Post-Filtering


How to Filter Lookups Without Custom Code in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (

Super User
Super User

Hi @Anonymous,

There are two main methods to achieve this depending on your data model, but unfortunately cascading choices/optionsets are not supported out-of-the-box.

  1. 1st simple out-of-the-box method is by using lookups on tables/entities instead of optionsets. This is always my preference as entities give more flexibility, especially if eventually you need more properties/fields to the drop down items (e.g. Display Order). Using entities, you can filter out-of-the-box the related drop down/lookup/list on the form. Here are the steps with Category, sub-category as an example:
    1. In, navigate to your Entity --> Forms and open the desired form
    2. Switch to Classic form designer by clicking the "Switch to Classic" button in the command bar
    3. Select the lookup field and click "Change Properties" in the ribbon
    4. Under the "Related Records Filtering", check "Only shows records where"
    5. Pick the Category lookup field in the dropdown then in "Contains" the Category related field
    6. I would uncheck "User can turn off filter" so users can't turn off and pick un related sub-categories
    7. Click OK, Save All and Publish

      Note: a small caveat is that it expects the main Category to be selected before the sub-category.

  2. Define the values of your optionset items with a prefix, then with JavaScript, filter the child dropdown based on the selected parent. For example:
    1. Parent optionset:
      • item 1: 11001
      • item 2 11002
    2. Child optionset:
      1. item 1: 11001001
      2. item 2: 11001002
      3. item 3: 11002001
      4. item 4: 11002002

Hope this helps!


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