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Different entites, identical permissions, user can't see one of them

I'm hoping someone has an idea what I might be missing here. I have multiple entities in the same environment. I've set the permissions for the User role to be exactly the same for all these entities but for some reason there's one entity that for the life of me isn't showing up for the user. The rest are fine. Is there something I'm missing? I believe it has to be a permissions thing because when I, as system admin, go to the app I have full functionality. My user does not. I went through the trouble shooting steps in the CDS documentation, nothing I hadn't already tried. Any ideas? TIA


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Thanks for confirming @Anonymous. Are you system admin? By that I mean you have the security role "system administrator" assigned? If not, you won't have access to records owned by other users and won't even know they exists. If you are admin, then go to Advanced Find, and query the entities without filters, and you'll be able to view all the records in CDS/database. If you do see the records there, then it's most likely a filtering applied to a view used in the sitemap (left menu), subgrid or dashboard.

Hope this helps!

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Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Are these entities all custom, all OOB, or a mix?
Are using Power Apps licenses (CDS entities only), or Dynamics licenses (CDS + D365 entities)?
Moreover, what license does your user have? The Team Member license has a limit on entities they can interact with.
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Ah, that's probably it then. Team member license. I'll check. Do you know off the top of your head how many entities a team member can use? If that number is say n= 2, does that mean the user can use 2 entities at a given time? Or does that mean whatever the first two entities they use they're stuck with?


EDIT: He's on a trial license. I bet that's it. I haven't found documentation showing what the entity limitations are for that though. I'd assume two since it seems that's what he's able to see. These are all custom entities and the are for PowerApps, not dynamics.


15 entities. I'll ask one of our MVPs about how it determines which 15, if you exceed the limit.

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Well that's not the problem then. Unfortunately. I have a total of 5 entities I need them to use.

The Security Role assigned to them - what entities is it giving any type of Read access to?

Also, keep in mind that Security Roles are additive, so need to consider if they have multiple roles.

Finally, they can inherit permissions from Security Roles assigned to Teams which they are members of. Any Teams involved?

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He is part of a team. The team number is the same as for the environment we're working in. I'm not totally sure how that works. This person has CDS User assigned to him. In security roles for CDS Users I've set all these custom entities I've set Create, Read, Write, Delete, Append, Append To to User level. The little yellow circle with the wedge pointing up. What's boggling me is that he's got access to the other entities in the app and I, as system admin, have no problem in the app.

Super User
Super User

Hi @Anonymous,

If the privileges are not set at Organization level, is the Owner field of all the records of these entities the same? In Advanced Find, you can double check that by adding the Owner column. Note if the security roles are assigned to the Team that the users are part of versus directly to the users, there might be different behaviors as well.

Hope this helps!

The issue could either be within the SiteMap for the app, or the underlying permissions. It is possible to apply additional permissions within the SiteMap to control what it displayed in the navigation area. 

To determine if the issue is the SiteMap, can the user see the entity within Advanced Find ? If they can, then the issue is the SiteMap, whereas if they can't, then it will be within the permissions (though from your description I can't see what could be wrong with the permissions)

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@EricRegnier  All records are owned by me. I double checked, this entity won't actually get written to so everything in there has been from setting it up. I haven't assigned any permissions at team level.  I've only gone into the CDS User and set entity permissions to user level.

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