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Different entites, identical permissions, user can't see one of them

I'm hoping someone has an idea what I might be missing here. I have multiple entities in the same environment. I've set the permissions for the User role to be exactly the same for all these entities but for some reason there's one entity that for the life of me isn't showing up for the user. The rest are fine. Is there something I'm missing? I believe it has to be a permissions thing because when I, as system admin, go to the app I have full functionality. My user does not. I went through the trouble shooting steps in the CDS documentation, nothing I hadn't already tried. Any ideas? TIA

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@DavidJennaway  I'll have to check on that Monday, we're all out of the office today.  You mean go into the entity from the PowerApps left pane menu then Views > Advanced Find ? So PowerApps > Data > Entities > myentity > Views > Advanced find?

Thanks for confirming @Anonymous. Are you system admin? By that I mean you have the security role "system administrator" assigned? If not, you won't have access to records owned by other users and won't even know they exists. If you are admin, then go to Advanced Find, and query the entities without filters, and you'll be able to view all the records in CDS/database. If you do see the records there, then it's most likely a filtering applied to a view used in the sitemap (left menu), subgrid or dashboard.

Hope this helps!

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