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Advocate IV
Advocate IV

Dynamics 365 connection in Access 2016 (Office 365 subscription)

For several days I have been working on Acces 2016 connecting to Dynamics 365 online to access my Common Data service entities. I need to make a report that involves the data I have in them.
Since about a week ago for some reason I can no longer access this data because it asks me to enter "valid" username and password. I enter them but the same message comes back to me infinitely ...This is the message that always popThis is the message that always popThe URL of dynamics??The URL of dynamics??This message pops onceThis message pops once
Does anyone happens the same??.
Right now I can not work because apparently I do not have the permissions, (according to what I interpret), to connect.
This is frustating. I do not know what to do. Call office 365 technical support but they do not give me solution ...

Power Apps
Power Apps



If you're trying to connect to your entities, you can try using the API endpoint - the URL you're using in your screenshot is for a webpage, and won't provide access to your data. (Interstingly though, if you actually go to the page in your URL, it will show you the correct URL). If you open developer resources, you will have a Instance Web API, in the format of : https://[yourinstance]


Try using this URL and please let me know if you have further issues.





Thank you for answer. Tried what you told but dont work... appears the same message...Captura de pantalla (29).pngCaptura de pantalla (28).png

Ok, I've just tried it on my machine, it appears it does want the original CRM URL, not the API, so I aplogize for my earlier guidance. Can you confirm you've tried this format :


If that still doesnt work, we may need to get a support ticket raised so someone can assist.




Not working...@CWesenerCaptura de pantalla (30).png

Hi @Romansx - as you can access this org through your browser, but not through access, we will need someone from that team to intestigate what the issue might be - can you please raise a support request through the Access support team :





thanks @CWesener I've already raise a support... i contacted but nothing appears to solve the issue... 

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