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Error Code: Mashup Exception Error

Hi All, 


I am trying to get data from one table to another table within my power query in my dataflow. When I use the necessary code in the "Add Column" the data appears on the Power Query display but when I publish the data I get this error:


Error Code: Mashup Exception Error, Error Details: Couldn't refresh the entity because of an issue with the mashup document MashupException.Error: Expression.Error: The key didn't match any rows in the table.


The code I am using is this:
if [#"2022-23 EmpNo"] is null
then null
Record.Field(cr047_all_employee{[cr047_empno=[#"2022-23 EmpNo"]]},"cr047_allemployeekey")


My power query looks like this:
Screenshot 2022-04-06 101341.png








The data from cr047_all_employee needs to match to the 2022-23 EmpNo .. Which is currently what is happening - EmpPick comes from the cr047_all_employee table. Though when I publish this data and expect it to pull through correctly, I get this error: 


Screenshot 2022-04-06 1019451.png










Is anyone able to assist me and tell me where I am going wrong?


Kind regards, 



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