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Filter collection against another collection.

I am having a difficult time understanding why filtering my collections this way yields nothing. I am trying to take a collection table with a set of controls and filter it against another collection table of controls with group identifiers. To do this I am taking the control column of collection1 and comparing it to the control column of collection2. The final filter output being; whatever controls in collection1 present in collection2. 



  • Control-ID (Unique Key)
  • Requirements
  • Questions


  • CCG-ID (Unique Key)
  • Control-ID (Foreign Key - N:1)
  • TC-ID (Foreign Key - N:1)


When the screen is visible I collect the colControl and colCriteriaControlGroup. I then re-collect the colCriteriaControlGroup by filtering based on the TC-ID group. All of which works perfectly fine. Done so by:

OnVisible = 

ClearCollect(colControl, 'tbl-Controls');
ClearCollect(colCriteriaControlGroup, 'tbl-Criteria-Control-Groups');

ClearCollect(colCriteriaControlGroup, Filter(colCriteriaControlGroup, varTypeCriteria in 'TC-ID'.'TC-ID'));


colControl is displayed in a gallery. I have tried several different ways of filtering, all of which give me no error message but result in an empty gallery. The filter I understand 'should' work:

Gallery Items: Filter(colControl, 'Control-ID' in colCriteriaControlGroup[@'Control-ID'].'Control-ID')


I have logically tested this by setting the gallery items to colControl and setting a label text property to:

  • If(ER_Gal_Control.Selected.'Control-ID' in colCriteriaControlGroup[@'Control-ID'].'Control-ID', true, false)

The result is false. I have further checked this by setting other text fields to the following formulas:

  • ER_Gal_Control.Selected.'Control-ID'
  • LookUp(colCriteriaControlGroup, 'Control-ID'.'Control-ID' = ER_Gal_Control.Selected.'Control-ID').'Control-ID'.'Control-ID'
  • LookUp(colCriteriaControlGroup, ER_Gal_Control.Selected.'Control-ID' in 'Control-ID'.'Control-ID').'Control-ID'.'Control-ID'

All of which give the exact same output. 


I am under the impression that this has something to do with the Lookup data types involved here seeing that the colCriteriaControlGroup's 'Control-ID' field is a foreign key of colControl's 'Control-ID'. 


Additionally I have tried this with mock tables which does work (gives me the result i'm after, a dataset composed of records that exist in both tables/collections.
















Filter(Table1, Column1 in Table2.Column1)

Result = 1, 2, 3


I am open to anything at this point. Thank you for the insight in advance.


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