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Filter records in Calendar Control V2 in Model-Driven

Hello, I have a custom table 'Assignments', here all assignments are related to one technician (1, 2, 3 and 4) and to one type ('placing', 'delivery', 'measuring' and 'after sales service'). 'Technician' and 'Type' are a look up field in the 'Assignments'-table to the custom tables 'Technicians' and 'Assignment Types'. I added the Calendar Control V2 to the View of the 'Assignments'table to show the assignments in a calendar view.

I want to filter the records in this calendar on two possible values: 'technicians' (all, techn 2, techn 2, techn 3 and techn 4) and 'assignment type' (all, 'placing', 'delivery', 'measuring' and 'after sales service').

The standard filter-icon in the top right corner of my model-driven can't be changed without an error while using this CalendarControl. Creating a different view for every occasion wouldn't work as I would need 25 or so views to cover all occasions.

I was looking towards the filter activity-type as used in the standard-table activity (see screenshot). Is there a way I can add this to my custom-table? 



Using this CalendarControlV2 the filter icon is still visible, but i would rather not use this as 15+ clicks need to be done te set up this filter. I have a PCF calendar installed as well in my environment, but this doesn't show the filter-icon in model driven.







Super User
Super User

Hi @mvdb,


I just setup the exact scenario in my instance and I receive an error every time I go into the filter when having the calendar control v2 active.  The error I receive is the following (even without adding any additional criteria):

Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 5.42.42 PM.png


This is a bug and you should open a case with Microsoft but I was able to work around this issue.


If I put in "read only grid" and enter all of the filter criteria then when I put into calendar mode with the V2 control it worked successfully to show in the calendar grid with my records that were filtered.


Hope this helps!  Please accept if answers your question or Like if helped in some way.





Hope this helps. Please accept if answers your question or Like if helps in any way.
Super User
Super User

Hi @mvdb,

Not sure if you resolved this yet, but my recommendation would to be to stick with out-of-the-box views to achieve this.  I know creating 25+ views is a pain, but still probably less effort than to go the custom route even if you need to create one when a new tech onboards. If those views are for the techs, any chance you can filter on current user (or current team) instead of having a view per technician? If those views are for the supervisors/managers, then include the Technician as part of the column and they can filter on it. When you configure the calendar control, bind the description to a custom description field. Automatically set that custom description field (via Power Automate or classic workflow) based on some logic and include the technician name to it so they can see the assigned tech...

Hope this all makes sense!

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