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Helper IV
Helper IV

Find max value in a collection

Hi Everyone,


 I have a table with column Name, Group sequence and Account Sequence. I wanted to find the max value in group sequence and account sequence and set it to 0.


Table 1 :



Table 1 after finding the max value and updating it to zero



Thanks in Advance,





Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Hi @mahmoodhsaud,


You can try below code


Set(getMaxValue,Max(TableName,Column name);



UpdateIf( TableName, columnname=getMaxValue, { ColumnName: 0 } )



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Solution Specialist
Solution Specialist



Try below formula for onselect property of button.


FYI, max is not a delegable function, will not work directly with underlying datasource. That is why I have created collection to avoid delegation issue.


ClearCollect(Test2List, 'Test 2S');
UpdateIf('Test 2S', 'Num 1' = Max(Test2List, 'Num 1'), {'Num 1':0},
'Num 2' = Max(Test2List, 'Num 2'), {'Num 2': 0}))


Test 2S is the entity, Num 1 and Num 2 are the columns.


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Thanks @rampprakash for your valuable inputs, The above formula will work fine for the third column(Account Sequence) whereas in column 2 ( Group Sequence )we will be getting more than one max value based on the column 3

Hello @mahmoodhsaud,


Yes in the first variable we will get he Maximum number (Variable will return which is the Maximum number in the column- only one value 0,1,2,3 the output will be 3) 


Then based on output we will update the records


UpdateIf( TableName, columnname=getMaxValue, { ColumnName: 0 } )


Let me know if it's not helpful.

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Hi @rampprakash ,


In the second column, we need to find the max based on third column. In the below table we will be getting two max value in Group Sequence.

The max value in account sequence 1 is 3 and max value in account sequence 2 is 4. Both should be set to 0.






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