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How do I Access Dynamics 365 attachments (Leads) from Notes (Annotations) via Power Automate?

I have a Portal Contact Us Page that accepts attachments that make their way into the Lead entity. I pick up the new Lead entry in Power Automate and I sent an email to users using an Outlook Connector to create a new email. I have the email set up as you can see in the image but I cannot figure out how to access the <NOTES (Annocations) Table >to either add the attachment to the email in Power Automate?


What steps are necessary in Power Automate to add the atachment into the email I am generating? 



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Super User

Hello @bradlaw 


Hope you are doing good.


Steps to Follow:


1. List Rows for Notes

    Filter _regardingobjectid_value eq 'LeadId'

2. Get the File Content and File Name and use it 🙂


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Thanks so here is what I have, where can I verify the syntax of the filter? I just cannot seem to get the filter correct? Also ocne I get this correct, do I get the File Content and File Name by initilizing them as variables?










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@bradlaw ,

For filter rows the field you need to include is _objectid_value eq 'leadid', leadid should be from previous request. To get exact content of attachment compose an action. If there are multiple mime types involved kindly add condition to check for diff types. While sending an email, for attachment content include output of compose and file name from notes.


I will include couple of screenshots for your reference.


If it answers your question, kindly give kudo and accept it as solution.










Good news is I was able to follow your instructions and I am receiving an errors when running the flow. My attachment has a ".txt" attachment I assume it needs to be based on the Compose step you suggested?


The error is 


Request to XRM API failed with error: 'Message: Flow client error returned with status code "BadRequest" and details "{"error":{"code":"InvalidOpenApiFlow","message":"Flow save failed with code 'InvalidTemplate' and message 'The template validation failed: 'The repetition action(s) 'Apply_to_each_-_Utilize_Document_and_Send_Email' referenced by 'inputs' in action 'Compose' are not defined in the template.'.'."}}". Code: 0x80060467 InnerError: '.









@bradlaw ,

Check output of compose action whether you can able to see base64 string of file content. If it is a txt file then content type is fine or else as I mentioned earlier for different file type you need to add condition and change the content type accordingly.




Ok. Yes, this was a text file attachment. I'll take a look.

Thank you both, I still do not have this working correctly. It runs just fine with these final steps but I don't get an email from the Apply All Step? The normal send email does work above the Apply All email send however?


when these two send emails are in the same flow, the first one without the Apply All does send an email. The second one with the Appy to All does not send an email. 



Even when I add the suggested Compose content like this it does not work.




This one does appear to run successfully in FLOW, but no email is sent. 



@bradlaw ,

Not sure what is the issue but it should work fine.

Validate your last run and check output for the actions which is not working as expected.





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