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How to Determine What Triggered a Workflow

Hi everyone,


I need some help understanding how I can determine what caused a flow to trigger.  I'm new to the power platform and have inherited an existing model-driven app so I am just trying to understand how it all hooks together.  In the solution is a "Process" which I believe is built in the classic dataverse background workflow editor (i.e. as seen in the screenshot on rather than the newer Power Automate UI.  This has "Activate As" set to "Process", "Category" set to "Workflow", "Run this workflow in the background (recommended)" is ticked, "As an on-demand process" is ticked, the "Scope" is set to "Organization" and it simply has "Change status to XYZ" in the steps.  Nothing is ticked in the "Start When" section.  When I update a record through the CRM UI and click "Save" this workflow is being triggered but I'm not sure what is causing it to be triggered.  When I look at the "Process Sessions" the "Start Reason" is set to "User started the workflow".   I am NOT triggering this manually using the three dots > "Flow" menu within the command bar in the record and I can't see any business process flows which call this workflow.  So my question is how can I identify what is triggering this workflow?  


Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks,

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Super User

Hi @PowerAppsUser02,


It is likely your workflow is being called by another workflow. You can look at the workflow dependencies to identify which workflow is calling it. 


In the PowerApps maker portal, look for the component under Solutions, select the row for your process component, then in the top command bar, click the Show Dependencies button. This will bring up a list of components that depend on this workflow. Look at the Process components and review the workflow steps of each to see if it is calling your on-demand workflow.


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Hi @ChrisPiasecki,


Many thanks for your quick response and the clear instructions.  I've checked the dependencies and in dependent components it says "No records are available in this view.".  Any suggestion on the next steps I can take would be much appreciated!  


I think I've found out what's triggering it so posting here just in case anyone else has the same query!  Turns out there's also a portal app, and in here there's a web page which utilises an entity form.  In the portal management settings for the entity form on the "Additional Settings" tab in the "Action Button Configuration" section there's a workflow action which is specifically calling that workflow when a certain button is clicked.  Found the needle in the haystack!

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