I know the subject is well known and I know the limitations on the subject, however I would still like to ask you for your opinions on the best practices of my use case:


I have a Prod environment on which a mixture of managed and unmanaged solutions coexist. Obviously, I don't have a DEV environment with all the unmanaged solutions and I don't have the unmanaged solutions in ZIP somewhere either.


My need would be to be able to export an Unmanaged solution from my Prod environment (therefore from the Managed solutions) in order to be able to recreate an unmanaged Dev environment, aligned with the prod.


I know that by definition it is no longer possible to achieve this, but how impossible is it? Is there a procedure to do this? Maybe by manipulating the XML, or via a script / tools?


Do you have an idea ? experiences there? which could unblock us ... Otherwise I do not see how to continue the developments on this Managed environment ...


Thanks a lot !