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How to turn off Advance Lookup behavior settings in D365 CRM after wave 2 release update

Hi All,


I'm facing problems with a lookup field that filters based on the value of another field.

This is triggered on a field in Business Process Flow (BPF).

In-Depth: Field A (Products) must be filtered by Parent Family, which is set on field B. (Parent). As a new view, this used to show related products, but now it shows all products.

I used Pre-Search function which worked fine until few weeks on my notice (not sure how long was this un-noticed).


I assume this might be something related to Advance Lookup and I do not see any toggle to disable it. Reference - Link.



When I run the same code now, it says "No Records Found..." even though there are records available.


Kindly advise what has changed.



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Hello @Ethan_R,


Can you please let me know weather  you have tried with Field Properties 





If yes can you please let me know weather you are using below code or not?





function preFilterLookup() {
    Xrm.Page.getControl("lookupfieldname").addPreSearch(function () {
        fetchXml = "<filter type='and'><condition attribute='fieldName' operator='eq' value ='FILTERVALUES'/></filter>";




Because i tried above code and it working as expected.


If the above solution not works you can turn off the behavior 




Clear Information about Turn On and Turn Off here :


Let me now if you need more help for the same


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Hi @Ethan_R ,


Did you try entering the default values manually.

Minimum characters 2 and delay 250 ms.

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Hi @rampprakash ,


I do not see the toggle for Advance Lookup (since the updates have applied through Microsoft and not manual early access).

Also the reason I want to use this filter, I want to use it on Business Process Flow and not on the form.

The Code you mentioned is standard and works everywhere.

Whereas, the execution differs from field present in BPF.


Do let me know if you find anything else.


Thank you

Hello @Ethan_R,


As per your chat its enabled already, try doing the below Scinario to make it work.


1. Navigate to

2. Select the Respective Environment which you are working

3. Open the Environment

4. Click Settings

5. Expand Product and Select Behvaior


6. Scroll to Last and Try Implementing Lookup behavior like this



As per the Screen shot after entering 2 Characters in 250 ms it will show the Results.


Let me know if it is helpful.


Please mark as Answer if it is helpful and provide Kudos

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