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Helper I

Import csv file into dataverse with null values


I have Problem with importing aib_onlineshopperintention.csv from AI Builder Example. In Table (Online Shopper Intention), where I import the csv file,  the Field for Prediction (Revenue (Label)) is "Yes/No" type with default Value "No". csv file has rows with null value for that column and that is important for AI Builder Prediction example(they should remain null due to prediction example). How can I import column as "Yes/No" type with null values (how to avoid default value for this type of field). At the moment all fields with null values for Ravenue field during import get "No" values.

Super User
Super User

Hi @zdzunic ,

This field is "Yes/No" with default and when you create the record it is going to set a value based on the default (even if you skip this field on the import) so I suggest to utilize a different type of field (i.e. an optionset with Yes / No and ability to be blank as well).  This way you can not set this field and it will not cause issue or set to your default value.  I am talking about a new optionset vs. using a two option set out of the box.


Hopefully this helps.




Helper I
Helper I

Thanks for answering, yes I tried that approach, using option set with "Yes\No" values and [no default value] for this field. Unfortunately, in this case rows with null values for "Revenue" field are not imported. I am sure that few days ago that worked, I don't understand what happened with Power app and Import? The Second Idea was to delete values for "Revenue" field for some rows directly in dataverse table. The Scenario for this AI BUilder Prediction example is that the model learns based on rows which have this info and then test or predicts on rows which don't have the value for that field. And now I am confused, that is an example of half an hour and I spent 2 days to try something so simple. I suppose that is some changes in Powerapp version but I dont have 

Hi @zdzunic ,


Can you walk me through a little more detail on your import approach?  Are there times when the Revenue field will contain a value and times it won't or does it "never" contain a value on this import.  If it never contains a value did you try to not have this field mapped in the import or remove it from the csv file completely?  Sorry if I am misunderstanding...




Thank you, @dpoggemann, for your support.

I tried to execute this example
importing OnlineShopperIntention .csv into table .

As attachment, I send an example of csv files. The column "Revenue" has null value for the first 30 rows and other rows have a "True/False" value and I need to import this into table in dataverse.

The Table in dataverse has a column "Revenue" which is choice data type ("Yes/No") with "no default option" but import doesn't work in such combination. When I use data type "Yes/No" (no choice option) then import works but rows with null value for "Revenue" field are missing.
I can explain that online if you have time.

Thanks once more for support. 

Thanks for the explanation.  You will either need to populate the field with true or false or define a different choice option field with the yes, no options but the field can default as blank.  This will allow you to not set the value in import.  The two option choice does not allow this...





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