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Importing Sharepoint list to Dataverse



I have the following SP List which I would like to import into Dataverse.


I have tried importing it by creating new table of data and by importing into existing ones. However, they both still do not work as expected. If importing into existing table with configured columns, it does not show any data. One of the problems might be that the 'Assigned to' column in SP List is of type 'Person or Group'. For that, I did setup the column in Dataverse table as Lookup. However, when trying to map columns while importing, it is unclear which column to map against Lookup 'Assigned to' Dataverse column. Following are screenshots of Power Query (just deleting metadata columns):


And the mapping page:



I am not sure if the Guid shall be supplied to 'Assigned to', but it refers to AAD Object Id which seems to be a User Id. Also, the Key columns cannot be selected - not sure if that is the problem.


Please explain what am I doing wrong, or which permutations shall/need to be made to successfully import the list.


Thanks in advance!

Super User
Super User

Dataflows can implicitly pick up on alternate keys for tables to make the match. I have never tried this on an OOB table like User, but in theory the same should work. If you go to user and add an alternate key as the user's first and last name the way they appear in your SharePoint export, then Dataflow should be able to pick up on the fact that it can find matches there and use that to build the relationships.

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Well, my subscription currently does not include Dataflows. Nevertheless, referring to second screenshot, when importing directly from SP, the Person or Group column is presented by 'Assigned toId' which is a number. I tried changing the column props of SP list to show value of name. Yet, it shows Id. Therefore, the auto pick-up cannot happen.  

Advocate II
Advocate II

@Anonymous  did you managed to resolve the auto pickup of values ?

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