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Impossible To Lower Dataverse Storage - How Can I Delete Everything?



A long while back I'd started to learn about BPFs and Solutions, etc, which also involved creating Power Platform databases, and eventually dataverse stuff.


Long Story Short


I can't delete the data, it *just* won't allow it, no matter how I try (and I'm the org admin at every level).


Can you please help me get rid of this nonsense that's doing nothing but stopping me from using my MS quota for stuff that I'd *like* to use it for.


Short Story Long

So ... yeah ... now I've just come back to tinker with adding additional environments, and thought I'd tidy up my current one(s?), and it says that there's just over 1% free space in the Database section of my admin panel. I just don't understand why, since I'd made a couple of nonsense solution/BPFs that literally do nothing, and had one record (just deleted that today).

One Percent Is RidicOne Percent Is Ridic


default of ... wait what?default of ... wait what?


what is this departmental nonsense.jpg

 buhhhh ... wha?buhhhh ... wha?


I'd really, really, like to clean this thing up and have a fresh environment going forward, but I can't, which is annoying, because it's taking a HUGE amount of space for literally no reason. It seems that everything is cyclically connected in Power Apps or something.


Plus there seems to be no simple way to tell where this rubbish is all coming from, so I'm assuming it's the erroneous BPFs, solutions, and Apps. Why bother indicating all this if you can't drill down?


Also, how does email and file storage relate to database storage? I *really* don't get that.


Some details that might help:

  1. Tables - In my Power Apps Tables listing there's multiple tables from (possibly deleted? I dunno) solutions/BPFs that all seem to relate or depend on each other. Can't delete those.
  2. Solutions - In my Power Automate (& Apps) Solutions I have managed to get it to 2 with "Power Apps Checker" (msdyn_PowerAppsChecker) and "Default Solution".
  3. BPFs - In my BPFs I have 4 flows that I *just* can't delete for what I assume is the tables mentioned in #1, as it gives the error that follows this list, and the numbers seem to tally with the relationships in what look like the related tables. If I go *into* the BPFs I can't seem to get any further there, either.
  4. Dependencies - None of my existing solutions or whatever I have have *any* dependencies when I go to look at these.
  5. Table Views/Forms/etc - Trying to delete anything from here gives me nada.
  6. Table Data - All tables have zero data in them.
  7. SharePoint/365 - My SharePoint and 365 environments are literally bare bones, there's barely any files to keep there.
  8. Other Emails and Files - I've got maybe 100 emails all told, none of which are with attachments (or at least heavy ones, etc), but I will go check this (email stopped working as they messed with my domain settings). Nothing on the One Drive that I can remember, but, again, will check.


Error when trying to delete a custom table (#1😞

There are dependencies on this table that are preventing it from being deleted.

Error when trying to delete BPF (#3😞

... component cannot be deleted because it is referenced by 11 other components. For a list of referenced components, use the RetrieveDependenciesForDeleteRequest.


I've looked into dependencies a bit (like that command above) but it seems to be a powershell command, and I'm not really au fait with that side of things. Plus, it feels counterintuitive to a system that is almost wholly web GUI to have this one thing that is for a command line, that doesn't even say it's for a command line, you know? The potential for breakage is *high*.


This page has really been no help, as it just seems a bit wishy washy and never actually tells me how to address the database storage size properly.


I'm warbling a bit now, so I'll finish up. If anyone knows how I can reduce this insane DB storage impact I'm all ears.


So, yeah, that's about it.




PS - Other threads I've read that have been no help:

  1. Solved: Cannot Delete an Empty Table: "There are dependenc... - Power Platform Community (microsoft....
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Separately I've tried to delete all the solutions that are there, and got a *lot* of push back due to dependencies and relationships. The annoying thing is, it just looks like everything depends on or relates to each other, and you can't delete anything because: PAIN.

Here's an error from a 

This solution cannot be uninstalled because the 'Role' with id 'OBFUSCATEDFORPRIVACY(Export Customizations (Solution Checker))' is required by the 'PowerVirtualAgentsPrivilegeOverrides' solution. Uninstall the PowerVirtualAgentsPrivilegeOverrides solution and try again. See Solution Layers. If you contact support, please provide the technical details.


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Super User

I've just spotted this quote on the "New Capacity Storage Model" help page:

I'm a Power Apps/Power Automate customer and have environments with and without database. Will they consume storage capacity?
Yes. All environments will consume 1 GB, regardless of whether they have an associated database.


If the maximum possible DB storage you can have is 1GB, and the minimum possible DB storage you can have is 1GB ... how does this make any sense?



I'll keep editing in any progress here



I've managed to find an old Power Apps admin view, that is now showing some dependencies on one of the solutions/power apps tables BPFs ... but it's unclear even if I do manage to delete all these that it will change much.

Looking at these dependencies, they just seem to be a part of the thing. If I delete it, they should just go ... I literally don't care about the dependencies, I need nothing. 😏


((( i also do not need, or want, that silly health club! )))


Here's a good example: One of the dependencies that stop me deleting the BPF is a table field called 'Name', but I can't delete that table field to allow me to delete the BPF! It's the same for everything else I see in that 'old power apps' view I mentioned.



Further (non-)progress:

In terms of the drop downs for the test2 entity in the 'old power apps admin' tree view, there's nothing in most of the sections, except for:

  1. Forms - There is one form, 'Information', which can't be deleted in new or old views because I need one active form.
  2. Views - There are / were 5 views. I've not seen these displayed anywhere in the 'new' view, so I've deleted all but the default.
  3. Fields - There are 31 fields here, I think I've tried deleting some in the 'new' view, no dice. Same here with "Cannot delete Field because one or more components require it."
  4. 1:N (and N:N + N:1) Relationships - There's 9, none-of-which are deletable, all of which I'd imagine are "dependencies" or "relationships" that are stopping me deleting the damned table and/or BPF.

Even after deleting all I could in this 'old' view (which was just 4 views) I still get the same "This custom entity cannot be deleted because it is currently used in one or more processes" error.


Which ... OF COURSE it is ... but I can't delete the process until I delete the entities!


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