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Helper I
Helper I

Issues with import export data, 0x80040203 error

Hey all, 


So I've been stuck for a few days attempting to import data from one environment to another. I've tried using dataflows (OAuth and Excel), one time imports through a number of spreadsheet formats, doing it from within the app, doing it from the environment editor, using the new and legacy tools, pretty much everything. Consistently, it always looks like it is going to work (I get to the part where I can assign mappings, and everything looks like it is where it should be) but then fails with the same{"error":{"code":"0x80040203","message":"Changing security attributes is not allowed in stage 20 plugins."}}. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong here, I have imported spreadsheets to dataverse before and it was not difficult. I can't think of any major changes made to our organization that would suddenly make data imports impossible. 


All I can think of is there is some setting buried in a menu somewhere that is simply preventing any and all imports, maybe security roles, etc. I have myself checked as System Administrator, System Customizer, and Environment Maker. The import is to a table that is a carbon copy or the source (same solution). 


Also, the Export to Excel option within the environment editor is also not working for me: 

Export failed: There was an error adding a table to the project. 
Any and all help is appreciated, I'm getting nowhere trying to figure this out.


Resolver II
Resolver II

I just started having the same export issue last night. 

Export failed: There was an error adding a table to the project.

It is happening in at least 2 environments on the same tenant. Since I can't export, I haven't been able to determine if I also have a similar import problem.


Things I've done that have made no difference:

  • update all plugins with updates (only Powerapps Checker). My plugins only include the default set
  • completely log out of everything, reboot and re-login
  • check another environment on the same tenant. (same problem there)
  • try exporting from Default solution (same problem there)
  • try 'Edit data in Excel' option on Data tab, which produced a file with correct column headers but no data

Things that continue to work:

  • I can run fetch queries from XrmToolBox with no difficulty. So it doesn't appear to be a data problem
  • I can export to Excel from my application's UI (one would think this would fail the same way the 'Edit data in Excel' function in the backend fails)

@ferris did you ever come to a solution?

@ferris sorry for my late reply, did you resolve this finally? If not let me know what progress made and happy to help

Helper I
Helper I

I apologize, I completely forgot to update here.


MS support did help me. There was an errant business rule that was attempting to fire when importing data. Specifically, this rule was related to another issue I was having: assigning a record owner to "Administration" rather than the user who created the record. In short, I first attempted to reassign the record owner through a business rule, which will throw an error. I did figure out how to do this with code, but somehow this inactive rule was copied to my new environment (was supposed to be removed). Oddly enough, this seemed to affect ALL entities, not just the one with the rule. In general, I would say my experience with business rules has been rather poor, and I usually end up just writing code every time I try to use them.


I cannot say why this issue would prevent exports, but I can confirm that I no longer receive export errors since fixing it. halifaxious, I believe your issue may have a different solution, as I was always able to view data in excel (I just could not save edits). Maybe you are having a firewall issue? When I view data in excel from PA, it initially opens in Protected Mode, and will only display the data if I enable editing. If you are not receiving this prompt, I would start there with the troubleshooting.

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