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Losing decimal in power query when data comes from Excel

Hello ! 


I am struggling with a question I can't solve.

I made a query from an Excel data sheet to an Excel analysis sheet.


When data are uploaded in the query, decimal are automatically rounded.

It means :

My Excel data sheet displays 0,19 for a value that is 0,188



My Query displays 0,19 and the data behind is 0,19



The difference at the end is quite huge, and I really don't understand why PowerQuery is doing that.

The only way (stupid one) I found is to go inside the Excel data sheet and expand the numbers displayed after the comma...


I tried :

- Change Type (decimal numbers don't change anything it seems the data at the moment it is read is rounded)

- Query options

- Modification of the "File.Contents" and "Excel.Workbook" functions

- Try the Excel data sheet from a "csv/txt" query : same result



If you can you help on that it would be great 🙂


Super User
Super User

Hi @test010203,


In the Advanced Editor for your decimal column, can you try changing the type to number and see if that helps?


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New Member



Sorry, not at all.

I don't know what it the problem but it is a little disappointment.

I think it is perhaps because the Excel is from an old version (2013 and before)... But sad, very sad, because data are here and seeing that an automatic round is done is so surprising for such a tool...


I started from all new with a new file, but it didn't help. The only solution is to go inside each excel and ad 10 numbers behind the comma in the display options. A bit ridiculous, if you have another idea I take it ! Because it completely lost the opportunity to automatize the work.


Have a good day !

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