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Many-to-Many Relationship

I have a M-to-M relationship between two entities User and Location (Custom entity). I've used the Relate function to relate the records from these 2 entities and that works fine.
I my Canvas app I have 2 galleries - One for User and the other for Location.
In the Item Property of the Location gallery when I use the following formula, it shows the related Locations only for me (I am a Global admin).
But when I use the following formula (where cxe006_SystemUser_cxe006_Location is the name of the relationship), it shows the Locations for all users.
Any idea why it works like this. Is this a bug? 😡 or is there any valid reason for this behaviour. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi @CNT 

My reading of  indicates that the First() function has to be used in displaying the data in a Many to Many relationship. 

Hi @Drrickryp FIrst() is needed only if u need the first related record. I found that you have to refer to the relationship name and not the entity name. This seems to be a mistake in the documentation.


Good to know.  It sounds like you found the solution to your question?  If you did, could you post how you were able to do it in your app?  I still feel more comfortable creating my own junction tables rather than using the built in relationships. 

HI @Drrickryp 

Yea, but the documentation is so misleading and needs fixing to save time and effort for others.

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