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Missing destination Field Data Integration

I'm trying to load data to a entity with a refrence to another table. Both same datatype, when I want to load the data to the entity I get the next error.


Someone knows the cause of solution of it?



Load to Common Data Service failed. Details: ID: 4919f9ee-861b-4b29-ba11-6b3696f906b2: Missing destination field cr8ca_table.cr8ca_field in the schema. (Job ID: e33b0952-ede2-4b51-a2b4-8f3f3d70fb34)


Thank you @EricRegnier , @Drrickryp and @jlindstrom.  My problem was not with alternative keys or other settings and I had already seen the @HSheild post.  In fact, I do not know why the lookup fields were not recognised but I stumbled across a solution, so for anybody else searching for "missing destination field" error:


In the Power Platform admin center there is a section - Data Integration.  We created a new Project, then a new Task.  We were then able to map the alternate key in the parent entity (jgb_product_id) to the lookup field in the child entity (jgb_productlookup).


If I ever find out why the lookup fields were not found in the first place I will post the answer but I fear it may remain a mystery.

We do have the same problem. I was trying to import Account and Contact data. Adding the alt key for contacts resulted in the following error:

"Missing destination field pf_contactno in the schema"


I've created a field pf_contactno to the CDS (Dynamics) entity and defined a key based on this field. 


Did you find a solution to this issue?




Hi Mario


We found a solution but it seems complex - go to the Power Platform Admin Center:



 Data integration -> New Project:


+ Add Task


In the New Task you add the parent entity and the child entity (the Lookup entity) .  Open the New Task and choose Add Mapping:


 At the bottom of the list you can add the two fields you are trying to map. You are saying 'I want pf_contactno to be mapped to ......(the field in the Contact entity).   


I am not a CDS expert (or even an IT person) but this worked for us.


Good luck! 

Did you deploy with a solution the field pf_contactno in the target environment? If not, that’s most likely the issue. Make sure you include as well the alternate key to the solution. Once successfully deployed and published, check that the alt key is active in the target environment:

Hi Eric


For clarification, the only time the 'missing destination field' error occurs is when we were trying to use Data Flow to populate the child entity lookups with data.  There was no problem with lookup fields when putting data in using Excel, Power Apps, Power Automate or using the data in Power BI.  So it is a Data Flow/Power Query issue.


We use a solution and all the entities are in the same environment.  We are based in the UK, so maybe it is just that Data Flow doesn't like the British 😁 (We also have problems with Date/Time fields when it is British Summer Time but that is a known issue).

I doubt it's a region issue. But if you confirm 100% that the target environment has that field and active alternate key(s) then I would try to isolate the issue by maybe creating a new simple dataflow that updates that entity in the Dev environment. See if that works and try the same thing but in the target env where you are getting this issue. Also, might be worth submitting a Microsoft Support ticket at:

Good luck...

Regular Visitor

In the end, it worked out for us. I think my problem was, that I have misunderstood the concept and mixed up several fields.


I was working with the customer field, which isn't supported yet (to my understanding). The workaround was to create a second account lookup field and transfer any change to the customer field with a flow. Not nice but it works. 

Any other lookup field worked as described by you guys.


Thanks for your help!

Hello, Ran into the same problem here with the following error:


Missing destination field cr915_category.cr915_name in the schema


 The solution for us was as follows:

  1. Click the Settings Cog -> Admin Center (Power Platform admin center)
  2. Click Data Integration on the left menu
  3. Click the Connection sets tab
  4. You will find a connection set in here related to the Dataflow, named similar to (in my case): D2E-20201015-223826
  5. Click the connection set found in step 4
  6. Select the Integration key tab
  7. Hopefully, despite adding an alternative key before you got this error, you will find there are no Integration keys assigned to the parent tables. 
  8. Click Add key against the parent table and select the same field you have set as the alternative key (what you want to lookup against)

I have not seen this documented or answered anywhere online. Hope it helps

Integration Key.PNG

Advocate II
Advocate II

Hooray! I experienced the same issue and it took me quite a while to get this sorted out.

My issue was, that I did not have they alternate keys setup before starting my Dataflow and created them later on during trouble shooting. When creating a Dataflow it also creates a Data Integration Connection in the background in the admin portal. So it seems that the data integration connection in the admin portal did not update correctly. So i I did the old Microsoft trick: RESTART.


I deleted BOTH the Dataflow and the Integration connection from the admin center (see screenshot). Re-Created Dataflow from scratch and got it to work. Thanks for all the helpful posts on the topic.



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