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Model Driven App assign timezone value to account

Hello all!


I am using the OOBE tables in Dataverse and adjusting them to fit client needs, and I have come across one thing that I am struggling with (well one thing today hah).


Is there a way to lookup a client's address and assign a time zone "value" to it? I can create a global option set and have that be chosen when adding or editing an account entity, but the option sets restrict my ability to do things with business rules, also it seems to be the "lazy" way. If Bing maps can provide directions and map info, is there a built in way to check if 123 W. Main St., Anytown, FL, USA 12345 is EST or CST? (for example... In this particular use case the client has accounts across all of the US)


I did spend a while searching both elsewhere and here and only found info about adjusting time zones for users or TZ independent things. If I missed something simple I apologize for asking, but hopefully someone has run across this and can point me in the direction of enlightenment 🙂

Thank you in advance!!


Dual Super User
Dual Super User


I am trying to understand more what your business case is so you need to set the time zone on the client based on his address is that a correct understanding?


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Thank you for the response, and sorry about the time getting back to you. Yes, you understand correctly. I am wondering if there is a way to get a customers time zone built into Dynamics or Dataverse without adding an external lookup or TZ table myself.

The business case is a simple one, the client has support staff in EST, but they deal with clients all across the US, and may be going into EU as well. It would be helpful to capture TZ data so the support agents know when to make calls, et cetera.

I hope this clears up any confusion.



I would suggest the below:

1. Have a timezone as a new table to be used as a lookup or as a choice column 

2. Use powerautomate on record creation to query google API using Http Request calls to get the timezone based on address 

3. If you can't use the API ..then you can have like a lookup table for countriestimezone that you setup yourself so if you have a table for countries the new table can look like:

Country: lookup to country table 

Timezone: choice column same choice you will use on the customer and using Power automate you can get the country part and do a lookup to the timezone from your own custom table and set it to the customer record.











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