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Model driven connection from CDS (Common data services) with Azure SQL Server do not work as expected for the update and delete

Hi all, 

Hope you are doing well, I was wondering if I'm missing any steps or something on my flow. Currently I created a Model driven PowerApps application with entities, forms, views, some business rules and a flow to connect the CDS (Common Data Services) with Azure SQL Server. 

I'm having some strange behaviors because the flow sometimes takes around 3 milliseconds, 5 minutes, 23 minutes, 44 minutes or sometimes takes a whole day to process an update or a delete transaction, also sometimes the flow succeeds and sometimes fails. 

I will appreciate it if someone can take a look at what I have done so far and maybe give me some ideas of what is missing or what is wrong because I can't figure out what is the problem that is causing the delay or the errors. 

So far, I'm able to:
1. Create new records and the CDS synchronize with Azure SQL Server but takes a little bit of time. (Between 5 seconds to 1 or 2 minutes) 
2. I'm not able to update every time, sometimes this process succeeds or fails after 3 milliseconds or takes 23 minutes or more time. I'm not quite sure why it doesn't work correctly every time.
3. I'm not able to delete from CDS, because this flow is not synchronized correctly to Azure, I'm having the error from the second screenshot.

The unique identifier and auto-incrementable is the field "Id". The flow failed several times after I tried to delete one record and sometimes the update failed too. I'm not quite sure what is the problem. 
My flow 
The error that displays after I tried to delete a record. 
The unique identifier I changed some properties because by default the "Id" was a text and this field wasn't getting populated by itself once the user creates a record in CDS and this was affecting the update because this field was in blank. (By default in SQL Server this field is auto-incrementable but in CDS was blank once the user create a new record) 
Please let me know if you need any more details to understand the problem.
My personal e-mail is

Thanks in advance.

Wen Ying Peng.

Hello @WenYing94 This is something that needs to be reviewed deeper so please open a ticket and add this forum as reference

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