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Mouse-clicking the Magnetic in look up fields does not work after Wave 2 update - Model-Driven



For my Model-Driven apps upgraded by the Wave 2, mouse-clicking the magnetic in look up fields does not work, it should open the default view. Selecting the magnetic and hitting the enter key on the keyboard works. I tried this on multiple browsers and its all the same, so this should be a bug; please fix.


Thanks @NeilBenson , thanks a lot.


I would not call it 'reverse', since most of the enhanced is good. People must admit their mistake and fix it instead of waiting you or me post an idea, that wil be lost in a +27k ideas forum.


It is also to be noted that the lookup field itself has the bug that suggests values recently adde but ignoring the lookup filter: for instance, if I have a custom entity that lists customers, suppliers, etc. one look up is made for customer and has a single view of customers only, when the recent items are enabled, and when a supplier is added, the supplier is suggested as a customer.


Plus, I suggested many times that model-driven should have its own IDEAS forum since its ideas are irrelevant to most of the existing +27k ideas then everyone remains focused. no hearing though.


Thanks again

Hi  @Yahya @NeilBenson 



I had submitted the ticket to PowerApps teams, if there is any follow up, I would reply here.

Best regards,


Hello @v-siky-msft @Yahya @NeilBenson ,


We have the same problem.. We speak with our integrator who has similar feedbacks from customers. And as said @Yahya, there aren't others "bugs" on the wave 2, only this regress.


Thanks to help us !

@v-siky-msft @Terreal_Digital @Yahya @NeilBenson 


Just to add some weight to this... we are having similar issues with the 'enhanced' lookups. We use filtered lookups throughout our application to control/assist with data entry. We have moved from a user being able to click a lookup to choose the appropriate 'record' to having to click into the field AND press the 'enter' key. It is completely unintuitive and will cause our users no end of issues...

You see @v-siky-msft , we are not calling for a feature to be added or to be "returned". We are reporting a BUG that needs a FIX.

And do not forget the other BUG: it suggests entries from values those do not exist, and I refer to lookup fields when enforced to lookup a single view which is filtered, recent items do not respect this filter restrictions, imagine!

Hi @Yahya @Tom_WIllis @Terreal_Digital @NeilBenson 


@NeilBenson has submitted an idea to PowerApps Ideas Forum what is a place for users provide feedback about Microsoft PowerApp products. What’s more, if a feedback is high voted there by other customers, it will be promising that Microsoft Product Team will take it into consideration when designing the next version in the future.

Please share your feedbacks to that idea.

Idea link:  Revert the "enhancements" to lookups in 2019 release wave 2 


Best regards,



Hello @v-siky-msft ,


First, it is not a good idea to request us post an idea that needs votes to fix a bug.

Besides, there are ideas with < 5 votes and are accepted by Microsoft, and other ideas with > 300 votes and are not approved, so the criteria is not right.


Lastly, posting an idea about model driven in +27k ideas forum will be lost. i have suggested many times separate model-driven ideas from other powerapps idea, but obviously no hear, same as what is happening in this coversation.





It seams a partial fix has been implemented! If you have Database version then the clicking on the magnetic will open the default view. 


Remains the problems of that lookup field suggest values those not - or should not exist - speaking about when look up field is strictly handling a filtered view.

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