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Helper I

Multiregional app


I'm building apps to be used by employees in Americas, Asia and Europe. Currently, my apps are set up on a Europe server and hasnt been a big problem unless when it came to moving large number of records in CDS from one entity to another. Also, a new app that I've built is cannot be seen by users in Asia, which is weird as its set up in exactly the same way as previous apps (same environment, same permission settings etc) - has something changed regionally recently?


So... what is my best options (also best practice wise)? My thinking is:


a. Fixing the issue so the Asia user can access the Europe server app and hope CDS's upgrade to CDS2 resolved the bugs.

b. Creating a copy of the app on an US and Asia server for the global users. 


For B: Can the different regional apps then still share the same CDS, or would i need to replicate them too and from here on out always work with three different apps and three versions  of CDS going forward?


Any help would be appreciated to figure out the best course of action and how its done!



Super User
Super User

so the biggest reason you might want to make a copy of the app is performance. Usually the fastest performance is an app in a data region closest to you. see establishing an environment strategy.


Biggest downside is that if you update the app one place you will need to update it in both. I would use a solution and when you make updates to the app in your dev sandbox, move the solution to multiple regions.


and yes you can connect to multiple cds environments from the same canvas app.





So that would mean three enviroments and 3 x instances of CDS, correct? 

Not necessarily--not all apps need 3 instances. only the most critical do

Please review the environment guidance in the Power Platform Adoption framework

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