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New table in Dataverse - AADUser

Hey everyone, you may have noticed a new table is available in Dataverse: "AAD User" This is a virtual table that is included in all versions of Dataverse. It connects to the AAD for the tenant the Dataverse organization is created in. You can use it to easily find people in AAD and retrieve additional details about them as well like location, job position, email and more. 


I have recently put out a new video that provides an overview and an example of use. You can find it on the Dataverse YouTube channel about this:


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This solves a problem that has been a sticking point for a while, and is very welcome. However, it doesn't seem quite ready for use in large AAD environments.

I've added the new table as a lookup to an existing table, and it loads data. But search in the lookup, as well as the Advanced Find Lookup View doesn't work. The lookup will take almost a minute to load, and then show the top 25 results, none of which match the search term. It just seems to show the first 25 results alphabetically.

I get the same behaviour on two different tenants, one with just over 3500 users and the other with more than 4000.

Searching in the EntityList view of the table also does the same thing pretty much, no results related to the search term. Applying a contains filter does work though, but that doesn't help with the actual use case of lookups


Edit: Grammar issues and clarified a term

Hi @Mandarb, Thanks for the feedback. We have a fix for larger AAD environments that is in deployment right now. It will be in all regions by June 10th.

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Is this still on track? This is a huge stumbling block for us. I've spent DAYS trying to resolve this, even using custom searched like GivenName='Gary' in the advanced lookup etc and it always just returns the same top users in the list.


Every search returns the same results essentially.

Hi Gary, I am guessing you are in North America. This fix is due to be in North America on June 10th as indicated above. If you continue to see issues please open a support case and we can review.

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I've looked at the update in both the US ( and MEA ( regions. The speed is much better, works pretty much as quickly as any other lookup, but searching still returns all results.

Is that the expected result?

Specifying a filter in the view seems to work ok, but that still doesn't make it usable as a lookup.

Added two screenshots with two different search terms, but the results stays the same.

that's the exact same issue we are experiencing. I really hope this isn't the expected result; what would be the point.

Search capabilities is a common request we have received from users, and we are investigating how soon we can implement that feature. 

You're kidding - we can't search the table?!?!?!


So we are supposed to scroll 10,000 names looking for the one we want to add?

Sorry I should clarify, with the AADUser table you are able to use a lookup and enter in a first or last name and it will filter the contents based on that information, partial characters work also. It will only filter based on the AAD User Name. It won't let you search on other related column data in a lookup field by default. 

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