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Overwrite CDS DataBase from Excel File

Hi guys!!!! Hope all you are safe and healthy


A simple question, is it possible to overwrite a CDS entity in PowerApps from an excel file? I actually working with 2 types of entities, entities for gathering structure (product, brand/ business unit, etc...) and day by day data (new clients, purchase orders, etc...)  


I`m trying to overwrite the structure ones and I have not been able to overwrite those records




Power Apps
Power Apps

You mean to update existing records with new content? That is supported using "Export Data" and then "Get Data" -> "From Excel".


What issues are you seeing?

Super User
Super User

Hi @Holguinmora2 


Have you looked at the Export to Excel Online feature?  It enables you to view your data in Excel Online, make edits and then save the data back to the Common Data Service.  Take a look at this article

Hi, thank you for your help!!! Seams to me that the procedure that you send me only works for model Driven Apps but not for canvas apps.


I thought that the solution was to up load the same file but it did not worked or to find some buttom that allow me to simply refresh the connection.


Any ideas?



It works but does not allow me to overwrite the actual list of products inside a CDS. I was trying to update a Product Name and although I write the new name in the same field it crearte a new product.


Any ideas on how to be able to overwrite a specific description, price, etc... whit out duplicate the line?

Hi @Holguinmora2 


Are you trying to use the method of exporting and importing from the screen below to do your update?  This is relatively new, seems quite complex and I haven't been able to get it to work for updating date.  You would need to define an Alternative Key for your entity so that the import process knows whether to create new records or update existing based on matching on that key.  As I said, I have not been able to get that to work.  Maybe @NHelgren could help by pointing us to some documentation?

Annotation 2020-06-27 092508.png


As for the Export to Excel Online process only being for model-driven apps.  Why don't you just quickly create  a model-driven app and use it for updating your data?  The Export to Excel Online process to update data in bulk is so easy and well worth the small amount of effort to build a model-driven app.  This is what I would do in your situation.

Here is a good article on exporting and importing data from the Maker experience


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