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Advocate II

Possible API limit issue Dataverse for Teams

Hi all, 


I built an app in Dataverse for Teams for a client (HR) to be able to create evaluations for jobs in each country. The user can download a report with these evaluations either by selecting a country or selecting "all". To generate the report, the app creates a collection which is then passed to Power Automate in the form of JSON and a .CSV file is sent via email. 


The app has been in production for about 2 months. In the all countries report there are around 4000 lines. Yesterday the app stopped working when the user wanted to download the all countries report (the inidividual country reports work fine). I was able to download the report which made me think that maybe they hit their limit of API calls for the 24h period. However, today I am also unable to download the report. Since the inidividual country reports work fine, it makes me think that maybe it's not the overall API limit which is the problem. Could this be a throttling limit issue? Any other ideas? 


Most importantly, any ideas on how to fix this? 



Super User
Super User

Hi @HFG,


The following page walks through your limits.  You can also look at reports through here on your usage to see if you are going over the limit.  


There are a couple things you could look at here:

1.  Run as a system user vs an interactive user?  You would need to set the flow to run as an application or system user.  System users have a capacity at the tenant level vs. at the user level, details here.  You might need a qualifying license from a Power Apps / Power Automate perspective here and if you do then you will get 25K per day calls

2.  You could purchase a power automate capacity add-on that will provide an additional 10,000 api calls.


Hope this helps!  If answers your question, please accept and Like if helps in any way.  


Thanks much,


Hope this helps. Please accept if answers your question or Like if helps in any way.
Super User
Super User

There are also DDOS protections on the API services that could be relevant here, depending on what you're doing in that report.  The API is designed to shut down connections to any app connection that hits it with more than 6k requests or 1200 seconds processing time in any 5 minute window. 


Service protection API limits (Microsoft Dataverse) - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs

Advocate II
Advocate II

Hi both, 


Thanks for your replies. 


@dpoggemann , do you know if it's possible to see analytics specifically for Dataverse for Teams? 


@cchannon, I think it has to be this because the report works fine when filtered by country. I'll see if I can do anything with the retry-after and, if not, I'll need to break the report down into regions (although that's just pushing back the problem!)



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