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Power dropdown list from excel row dropdown list


so i have this excel sheet that has a rows, and these rows have dropdown list from DataValidation.


What i intend to do is, create a CRUD or read from Excel with the ability to edit, however the edit of the field should be a dropdown reading from the excel values, and updating when i submit.



Power Apps
Power Apps

Hi @hassanmoukadem ,

If I understand correctly:

  • You have an Excel sheet with a column that uses the Data Validation feature in Excel.
  • The Excel sheet is connected to Power Apps.
  • You want Power Apps to recognize the same Data Validation from Excel.


Power Apps does not retrieve the formatting or data validation from Excel.


As a better practice, if you would like to maintain the same validation between Power Apps and Excel, you can create a separate table in Excel that contains all the values.



When setting up Data Validation, choose to Allow "List" and set its source to the cells containing the choices you want:



In Power Apps, when adding data sources, add both the main table as well as the table(s) of options.


Then set the Items property of the drop down menu or combo box to the respective table.


Both Excel and Power Apps would reference the same choices this way.


Hello @Mr-Dang-MSFT .

thank you, that would solve the issue of value in the drop down, but that would not affect the current row, which i would like to first read its CURRENT value, and be able to update it based on the drop down.

Find attached.

Many Thanks.

Power App.png

Hi @hassanmoukadem ,

I'm not sure I entirely understand how you intend to design your app.


If you would like to see the currently selected value as well as what you want to change it to, the common pattern with drop down menus is that they show the current selection at the top and highlighted:








If you are not sure what you changed the value to before committing changes, I suggest using two controls in the edit form of the app. Below is an example of what this might look like. 




You can complete this in these steps:

  1. Go to the screen that contains the edit form.
  2. In the edit form, select the card containing the drop down menu in question. By default the card is locked for changes.
  3. Unlock the card by going to the property pane in the right hand side, clicking Advanced at the top, and clicking unlock.
  4. With the card unlocked you can change styles and more.
  5. Insert a label into the card. Move the label where you want it to be.
  6. Set the label's Text property set to:
"Current: " & Parent.UATChanges

(Change UATChanges to the name of the column)


The form now shows the current value in the new label we inserted, but it will still save whatever is selected in the existing drop down menu.

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