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PowerApps Dataflow Licensing

Hi guys, I am looking to implement the following solution:

- Store an Excel spreadsheet in Sharepoint

- Use a Dataflow to extract the data from the spreadsheet and store in the Common Data Service

- Access the data in the Common Data Service with approx 100 PowerBI users


I understand the PowerBi license requirement, but it isn't clear how many PowerApps DataFlow licenses I require. I *think* only need one license, but it's not clear if this falls under a multiplexing arrangement (which would make the solution very expensive).


I have contacted Microsoft Pre-Sales, they were as useful as a chocolate teapot. Can someone please help me?


Thanks in advance,



If the user that the dataflow runs as is licensed for Power Apps per user (not office plan) they have all the license you need if you are alos licensed for the other systems involved in your dataflow. Based on your scenario, you would need one license.


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Multiplexing is not about reading data, otherwise you couldn't build reporting in many systems.

If you build a web site that interact with the CDS using only one licence for the service account that connects to CDS, this is multiplexing as your web site users will be able to use the CDS business logic bypassing the licence requirements.

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Hi Nicokirr,

I totally agree, but what confuses me is when we think of Multiplexing in terms of SQL server, they have licensing models either by server+CAL, or by core and they say that if using server+CAL model, then everything that connects to the database must be licensed (which would include a report server).  So thinking of CDS in terms of just another Microsoft SQL database... do the multiplexing rules then apply?  I've been right through the Power Platform licensing guide (October 2020) and it's not crystal clear.

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