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PowerAppsNotification failes by using params

Hi there,


i play with the PowerAppsNotification and everything is well.
But when i will use params: then i get an error.

this is my Code:



                recipients: ["Mail-Adress"]; 
                message: "Word App! It's your turn to make a word!"; 
                openApp: true;
                params: Table({key:"Screen2";value:"Val1"})





The Error says, that the Table ist OK, but needs a "key" column as "text".
Without the params: everything is OK and works.

Same connector in PowerAutomate works well.


Any suggestions?


It is expecting the key to be a variable and the value to be something like DataCardValue10.Text


If it works in Power Automate as you wish, why not use Power Automate?

Screen2 appears to be a screen reference, and would not be considered a text value.


Use logic (Switch, If, etc.) to determine the "screen" to use and pass it as text.


On the receiving side, you may need to map the string back to an appropriate Screen reference, should be easy if you're developing all the apps/Flows used.


You are all right, but my Problem is the error in the first screen. The Text in the key and table field is only for demonstrations.


I would like to use Pushnotification in PowerApps with the params: 

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Muffeljupp ,


I just made a test but it works well without any error messages. 


Have you enabled the experimental feature of enhanced formula bar or anything else?

Could you please try to change another browser, and turn off all related experimental and preview features to see if the issue is fixed?

Hope this help.


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