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Helper III
Helper III

Primary Field shows (no name) in view despite having a name

Hello,  Did a search but couldn't find anything about this.  I am trying to get a parent entity of a related entity into a view. It works but the primary field shows (no name) - see "Parent Measure (Measure..." below:


no name.PNG


If I click on the first Parent Measure, it takes me through to the records form where is has the correct, expected name - Repayment (Corporate):




Why is this happening?



Dual Super User
Dual Super User


Can you check the primary field on your entity in CDS, it may be set to another field than the name?


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Blog: here

agree, it is because either the record related has nothing in the primary field or maybe somebody updated the layout of the lookup view and put something other than the name field in the first column.

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In the Solution

Choose the Entity

Select the TAB in the Entity header that displays the name of the primary field

Now go to Fields and find that field

What is the display name on that field? 

Is that field on the form? 

It might be that the field is hidden on the form AND that any workflow used to populate it is in DRAFT mode. 

or maybe the flow or workflow doesn't exist.

Check in the Solution under PROCESSes

Is there a process that is in draft?

Is there a process to populate the above field? 


You can also check System Jobs to see if there is a blocked or hung system job that is preventing the workflow from running 


All of this is related to a mix of old and new. 

Is this a brand new install or an older install? 


I think every project I have ever been on we have had to explain this concept of the NAME field.  😞 

Thanks for the response. Yes, name is the primary field and it is populated as shown in the images

Thanks for your response:


The display name is Name:



That field is on the VIEW, yes. The form is not a problem (my original post showed an image of the form with the name field complete with associated data).


There are no workflows in draft mode.

Thanks for responding.


I took a look at the lookup view for the entity that is displaying (no name) and it looks fine:



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @JT_Corrin ,


Thank you for posting about this, I have almost forgotten about it.


I had seen a similar issue about 4 years ago when I started working with at the time CRM, which had been rebranded to Dynamics 365 or CDS, depending on the organization type.


During that case I discovered the related entity had its reference set by an attribute mapping and there was some kind of broken metadata for that particular field and we ended up recreating the attribute mapping.


My recommendation is the following:

- go to the relationship you have in place for the two entities where you will link them together and verify if on the left side you have Mappings

- in the mappings section if the Name is present make sure it is not on the first line as this won't allow you to recreate the mapping unless you will recreate the relationship and the relationship recreation will require additional processes to store the data outside the organization during this recreation as otherwise it will be deleted

- try to verify the solution layers for the mappings using a syntax similar with this after you used the Browser Debugger->Dom explorer to get the GUID of the AttributeMap <OrganizationURL>/api/data/v9.1/RetrieveSolutionMetadataForComponent(SolutionComponentName='AttributeMap',ColumnNames=%5b'attributemapid'%5d,ColumnValues=%5b'<AttributeMap_Guid>'%5d)

- Once you have the answer regarding the layers, verify the solution, if you have only one result which is "Active" you can make your deletion and recreation in the affected organization

- otherwise you need to remove that one from each solution introducing it in reverse import order other than the Active one which will be removed during the last layer removal; Keep in mind, this process needs a removal of the Attribute Map from the Development environment and a clone of the solution, after that an import with the default options (Upgrade and Maintain customizations) in the affected environment

- After the mapping will be removed, feel free to recreate it in your development system or in the affected environment, based on your layers.


I hope this will be able to resolve your problem, feel free to raise a ticket to us in case you want to perform the steps together.

Or if you encounter any error during the process please post the error with its timestamp and ActivityId in order for us to be able to trace it.


Thank you for using Microsoft Communities,

Madalina Toma
Support Engineer
Microsoft Dynamics 365 and PowerApps

Thanks for the response @mtoma 


The mapping is present:




As you can see, the name is not present - could that be the issue?


I could not find anything in the DOM that looked like the string you posted.


The solution layers look like this:




Should I be deleting this relationship and recreating? I'd be concerned about losing the relationships that are there and correct (aside from this no name issue)

Hi @JT_Corrin ,


Thank you for the response.

In this case try to create the mapping and see if this will resolve the problem, the mapping should be between the name field and the one keeping the record name on the other side of the relationship.


Thank you!

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