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Problem Regarding CSV Import

I am unable to import csv file into a table to create an entity. The platform shows that it has successfully completed it, but the table is empty. Also when I tried using Azure blob to import the csv files, the container was considered a csv file and all the directories were listed as rows of a csv file.

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Hi jaishanker, 


Are you using the standard data import functionality via Advacned Settings -> Data Management? Dataflows? Or something else?


We'd need to see the output to provide further insight, and this will depend on the approach you took to import.


Are you trying to create an entity via the import itself, which is possible, or does the target table already exist?





I tried the standard methodology via advanced settings but that failed as well. I tried to import the CSV file directly, without the target table and no data was imported.

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If you've used the standard import functionality then there should be a log of the import - does this indicate that you've successfully imported a number of rows, or were there errors present? There might be a number of different errors but this is where to start. 


You can access this from the same area in Advanced Settings -> Data Management -> Imports 

Is there any other way to upload a csv file. My main purpose is to run an AI builder model but i cant do it unless my data is imported

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Super User

Hi @jaishanker ,


You can try import csv using OOB import feature.


There you have to select target table or record types to import data. If not you can create new table.


Then you can map fields according to the right data type.





If you are using classic settings import utility, be aware that different formats work differently. try xls format saved in xml spreadsheet 2003 format. It works best.


Hi @jaishanker

You can also try the (fairly new) Power Apps Office add-in. I find it works quite nicely:

Hope this helps...

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